Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Minutes of Board Meeting
August 7, 2020

President Taylor contacted board members via Zoom communication program. The meeting began 1010 hours August 7, 2020. Members present on line were Taylor, Dick Rovig, Nick Bulpin, John Nordlund, Terri MacMillan, Dan Oliver, and Joe Bouffiou. Members excused were John Sullivan, Jeff Caldwell and Dan Melton.

President Taylor reported he has been in contact with SPOG president Mike Solan. He offered RSPOA help in current efforts by the City Council and Mayor’s office to defund the Seattle Police Department by at least 50%. Solon declined accepting monetary help but was encouraged by the support from all retired officers and their families. Board members discussed several ways RSPOA’s support could be displayed most effectively.

President Taylor suggested professional help be sought for direction for best avenue to show our support of the Police Guild’s efforts. Joe Bouffiou suggested Taylor seek advice then made a motion to establish a $1000.00 fund for Taylor to use as necessary. Nick Bulpin second the motion and the motion passed.

Rich O’Neill reported the Call Box is coming together with the help of Dick Rovig. The first edition is scheduled for September and every 2 months thereafter. Secretary Bulpin will set up a Call Box account to cover costs and set up a Post Office Box address. O’Neill asked for direction in pricing for limited ad space as well as subscription cost for non-members.
Board members were asked to research several ideas and prepare for another meeting Monday, August 24th at 1000.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned 1140 hours.

Nick Bulpin, Secretary