Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

Cal Rowley #2829, retired Seattle Police Officer passed away on August 31, 2014. He was 76 years of age upon passing. 

Cal was born in Murray, Utah. On his twelfth birthday he went to work in his dad’s lumber yard.  He stayed there until he was twenty-nine years old. By then he was married with three children and in need of a better job. In 1967 Cal saw an advertisement for Seattle Police Officers in the Salt Lake City Tribune newspaper. He called his cousin Bob Rowley #2692 who was already a Seattle Police Patrolman. Bob said the job was more fun and better pay than the lumber yard. Three months later he was hired on January 2, 1968. He worked his entire years on the Department in the Central Precinct, mostly the west side. The two cousins worked as partners for years. Bob resigned in 1976 to be a minister and pastor in Idaho. Cal stayed on the job and found his niche, being the Department’s one-man Street Vice Detail in the downtown core with TC Miller #3023. One night the lieutenant bet Cal he couldn’t make a prostitution arrest in full uniform. Then Cal took the bet and won $20 within thirty minutes. What the lieutenant didn’t know was Cal fudged – he made the O & A over the phone. Only goes to show – what do lieutenants know about doing police work? Cal and TC were so effective that it required a squad to replace them. Cal left the Department in 1985.

However, in retirement he did not quit working. He built houses in Murray, Utah and Flat Lake, Montana. Then he moved to Salmon, then Inkom, Idaho to build homes and be by his cousin Bob. Cal’s last move was to Saint George, Utah to be a gentleman farmer and write two fiction books and a book of poems.
Cal is survived by his wife Nylene; thirteen children; twenty-six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.