Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

David G. Murray #752, retired Seattle Police Range Officer passed away on February 2, 2016. Dave was 92 years of age upon passing.

Dave was born and raised in Anacortes. He graduated from Anacortes High in 1941. As World War II was looming, he joined the Coast Guard that same summer. He was assigned to a supply ship in the Pacific after completing Basic Training in St. Augustine, Florida. When the war was over, Dave was discharged in March of 1946. He returned to Seattle and applied to the Seattle Police Department.

He was hired on December 10, 1946. Five months later, Dave was assigned to Motorcycles. He went through bike training at the Queen City Motorcycle Club Track at 205th and Meridian Ave. N. Captain Shaugnessy ran the two week training program. Dave rode solos for four years. He was on the Drill Team for two years.

In 1951 Dave transferred to Patrol to work the Central Precinct. After 10 years in prowl cars, he was moved to a walking beat on Union Street for the next five years. One February 1, 1966 he became a Detective assigned to Burglary and Theft. The case load drove him crazy. The backlog never ceased with the constant stream of new reports.

Dave began to have health problems because he was so conscientious. So the Department asked him where he would like to work. Being on the Department 3 Gun (.45, .38 & .22) Pistol Team and his old Coast Guard buddy Jack Orewiler #1355 was the Range Sergeant, Dave knew right where he wanted to go – the Range. On April 10, 1968 he was assigned to the Range. Every day during fishing season, before work he would go fishing in Puget Sound. He claimed it was good for his health. Most of the young recruits going through training did not know if it helped eating all that contaminated fish. It certainly did not improve his humor, only whiskey did that. Dave probably taught around 350 recruits how to handle and shoot the 870 Remington shotguns during his three years at the Range. Every lunch hour he would jog around the Range.

Dave retired in December of 1971 after 25 years of service. During retirement he continued to hunt, fish, camp, and hit golf balls at the U of W driving range every Monday until 2000. Then his hip started to act up, however he did not give up walking. He lived by Lake Meridian and he would walk to RAP and the Retired Officers’ meeting at the Lake City Elks. He was the Election Chairman for several elections in both organizations. It was not unusual for him to pop into the North Precinct to check in with the Precinct Commanders. He would also walk downtown to the Pension Office. He said walking was almost as good as fishing.