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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

DECEMBER 20, 2018

Last week the day after our Christmas lunch only eleven members returned for our weekly gathering.  There was no “formal” meeting.  Everybody continued with their conversations, Paul collected $60.00 to give away.  Roy Skagen happened to hold the winning ticket number.  Today we had twenty men and women sign in.  At the proper time Cory Ness rang the bell, Nick Bulpin led the pledge and President Nordlund gaveled the meeting to order.  Mother Nature was buffering the building with high winds, the lights were flickering, we knew our time was limited.  

For the Witkowski beverage drawing Bill asked Roy Skagen to pick the winning chip.  The number is 12.  Double check of the log book showed Dick Sherwood the winner.

In news from desk of Dan Oliver:  Jay Nicholson was back in the hospital for issues with his leg, Mike Germann is still recovering, Ted Gormley is recovering from colon surgery, and of course the loss of Jerry Smith.  A sympathy card for Judy was passed around for everybody to sign.  No date for Jerry’s memorial service has been set.

The treasurer reported the checking account balance is $1889.00.

President Nordlund called our server Gina Villegas to the podium and handed her a Christmas card expressing our appreciation for her service.

Celebrating birthdays this week are Past President Dennis Hossfeld who turns 73, Jerry Kemp is 66, and Dick Rovig has his 84th.  Happy birthday men.

Time for the Severance ten-dollar drawing.  Annette Schenck stirred up the chips.  The winner is Dave DeMoss signing in on line three.

To start the laughter Kathy Ness was first in line.  Kathy told us about a typical family holiday dinner where the discussion centered around the size of breasts and the types of penises.  Paul followed with a story about two dogs locked together while mating and the vet’s recommendation in how to separate them.  Rudy Sutlovich continued the laughter with a list of things not to say when intoxicated.  Good job by all.

Paul collected $105.00 to give away.  Cory Ness reached into the plastic jug coming out with ticket stub #8494167 purchased by Roy Skagen.  Roy in-turn pulled out ticket #8494084 handing Jim Johnson the remaining five dollars.  Congratulations to all our winners.

Merry Christmas to everybody and see you next week…