Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

Doug Brown #4962, retired Seattle Police Patrol Officer passed away unexpectedly on May 27, 2017 at the age of 61.

Doug was born in Dallas, Texas. The family stayed there during his pre-teen years. Then, they moved to Seattle. He attended Nathan Hale High School. He played football, participated in cross country and was senior class vice president. He also started a band called “The County Morgue” in which he played the guitar. After high school, Doug joined the Army and became a Military Police Officer. When his tour was up, he returned to Seattle. The economy was sluggish, so Doug was forced to work several jobs – none with career possibilities.

In late 1984, the City began to replace the Korean War veterans that had hired on the Department and were of retirement age. So, Doug applied. He was hired on November 5, 1985. Upon graduating from BLET and the SPD Post BLET programs, he entered the Student Officer program. One of his FTOs was Nick Metz #4737, who is now the Chief of Police in Aurora, Colorado. Completing the S.O. program, Doug was assigned to the new South Precinct in 1986 – one year on 3rd Watch and the next year on 2nd Watch. In late 1988, he transferred to the North Precinct and worked 14 years on 2nd Watch and then five years on 1st Watch. During these years out North, he started a social group called Politically Incorrect Law Enforcement, nicknamed “PILE”. The group was quite popular with the rank and file. This was also during the era of the Green Avenger publications.

Doug retired at the earliest age possible – 53, with 23 years of service. To stretch his retirement dollars, Doug moved to the Philippines in 2011. He was happy there as his Facebook posting attest. He started a small personal transportation company of motorized pedicabs. This business venture was doing well when fate struck on May 23rd.

Doug is survived by his daughter Elisa, and his son Collin. PILE ON, Doug!