Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

RAP | Retired & Active Police

RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

FEBRUARY 13, 2020

On the day after the retired officers’ meeting a nice crowd of twenty-seven men and women returned to the Nile for our weekly get together.  Right on schedule Cory Ness rang the bell followed by Jim Johnson, Jr leading the pledge of allegiance.

President Green welcomed everybody and recognized Don Hillard in attendance.  Good to see Don at R.A.P. and hopefully he will become a regular.

Bill called for the beverage drawing.  Joe Sanford had Don stir up the chips.  Today the beverage drawing winner is Cory Ness signing the official logbook on line five.

In news from the desk of Dan Oliver, sorry to report Jim Street #2353 passed away yesterday.  Jim was 82 years old.  He hired on in July 1963 and retired after 32 years of service.  There will be no memorial services.

The treasurer reported last week the club brought in a record $42.00.  Checking account now up to $965.00.

This week Bill Kroon celebrates his 89th birthday.  Happy birthday Bill.

Now onto the Severance ten-dollar drawing.  Riley Brice mixed up the chips pulling out number one.  A quick check of the logbook showed Dave DeMoss to be the lucky winner.

In the absence of our real Prince of Mirth, Riley Brice presented the club with the official R.A.P. joke book.  Joe scanned the pages and found a cute story about a pig complaining to a cow.  Kathy Ness followed with a story about two drunk Irishmen sitting next to each other at the bar.   Good job.

Raffle time.  Today Paul collected $125.00 to give away.  Jim VandeBogart reached into the plastic jug pulling out ticket stub #6936736 purchased by Dick Rovig.  The remaining cash money goes once again to Cloyd Steiger holding ticket stub #6935499.  Congratulations to all our winners.

See everybody next week.