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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

FEBRUARY 16, 2017

Twenty-eight men attended today’s meeting. Amongst those were our past vice-president Merv Henderson who got a day off work to check to see how Mr. Pote was carrying out his duties. Also, good to see Roy Bert attending his second official meeting. And Jerry Smith invited his friend Bob Sluder who is a realtor, past law enforcement officer, private investigator, and firearms dealer. Welcome to all.

At one minute past 12:00 Noon the bell sounded alerting President Green to have everybody stand for our country’s Pledge of Allegiance.
For today’s Witkowski beverage draw Greg asked Merv to pick the winning chip. And the winner is Nick Bulpin who signed in on line nine.

In news from the pension office: John Hannah lost his wife Linda. Linda passed away on February 4th at age 68. A sympathy card was signed and will be sent to John in Virginia. Also, Steve Rix is sick and not doing well.

Treasurer John Guich is babysitting today forcing him to mail in his report. Not counting the money President Green is holding, the bank balance is still $2427.38. This week Bill Kroon celebrates his 86th birthday. And not to forget, last week Bill Hallowell turned 88 and Jim VanDeBogart had his 70th birthday. Happy birthday men.

Jerry Taylor told us there is nothing new to report about the proposed LEOFF 1/TERS merger. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Also, the Use of Force bill has gained some traction as the word “Malice” has been removed and training money has been added.

Time to give away $5.00. Greg asked Eric Michl to pick Bob Sluder’s number. Out came number 26.

In the absence of our Prince of Mirth, Paul Barden once again filled in with great stories about a fourth-year blond law school student named Bambi and the real meaning of Row vs. Wade.

In today’s raffle $110.00 was up for grabs. Jerry Smith drew ticket #2255595 handing Jim Johnson a hundred-dollar bill. For the remaining money, Jim picked ticket #2255538 held by Mike Severance. Congratulation to all the winners.

See everybody next week…