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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

FEBRUARY 9, 2017

Twenty-three members braved the mild wet winter weather to attend this week’s meeting. At a little after 12:00 noon newly appointed Vice President Greg Pote rang the bell forcing President Green to lead everyone in reciting the pledge of allegiance.

Great to see John Patrick Sullivan back with us.

For today’s Witkowski beverage drawing Greg asked Jay Nicholson to pull out the winning plastic chip. And the number is 11 belonging to the vice president.

Bill reminded everyone of Dale Schenck’s memorial service set for Saturday, February 25th at the range. Bill reported that Jack Wallock has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Nick has talked to Dave Hortin who was released from the hospital yesterday. Dave is in good spirits and says hello to everyone. Phil Gaylord has suffered a stroke and is undergoing treatment. This past Sunday, February 5th Jim Williams #2304 passed away at age 80.

Bill re-capped yesterday’s R.S.P.O.A. meeting that was well attended. Representatives from UMR were on hand to explain the new medical billing procedures. Laura Mathers, president of the police foundation spoke about the mission of the foundation and its accomplishments.

Bill called for the five-dollar give away. Dean Quall had the honor of picking chip number 15. After Greg was unable to read the signature on line 15 he asked for help. The official log book was handed around. It finally ended up at Jerry Smith’s table where the mystery signature was identified as his.

In the absence of our Prince of Mirth, today’s joke readers were Past Presidents Nordlund and Nicholson. We heard about a priest and a rabbi on a plane and a late-night vet call. Polite laughter was heard about the room.

The raffle today had $105.00 to give away. John Patrick drew number 2255470 held by Dick Rovig. Dick in turn drew ticket number 2255466 held by John Guich. In a gesture of kindness John handed his winnings to our server Carmen. Congratulations to all the winner.

In a sign that Spring will soon be here the annual police golf association meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 14th beginning at 1:00 pm at the police guild offices.