Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

RAP | Retired & Active Police

RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

JANUARY 11, 2018

Twenty-nine men and women braved the heavy rain fall to enjoy another week of companionship and good conversation.  At straight-up Noon Jim Campbell rang the club’s bell followed by President Pote leading everybody in reciting our country’s pledge of allegiance.  After the pledge Greg called for a moment of silence in remembrance of Pierce County Deputy Daniel McCartney who was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Greg recognized the presence of Past President Dennis Hossfeld.  Also hello to Ted Rovig.  Welcome to all.

For the Witkowski beverage draw, Jim had Dennis mix up the chips.  Out came number 10, today belonging to Treasurer Nordlund. 

And speaking of the treasurer, Greg asked for a report.  Last week the large attendance brought in $40.00 bringing the checking account balance up to $2382.59.

Those celebrating birthdays this week include Riley Brice who will be 86; Jim Campbell had his 54th; Jim Fisk is 80; Chuck Pillon turns 77; Jack Wallock will be 84.  Happy birthday to all.

Nick Bulpin reported that yesterday he and John Sullivan visited Emil Drovetto.  Emil is now residing at the Park Shore Apartments in Madison Park.  Emil is doing okay and sends his regards to everybody.

In the absence of the real Prince of Mirth, Mike Severance, Paul Barden, John Nordlund, and Dan Melton filled the gap.  Once the laughter died down Greg asked Paul to hold the weekly raffle.  Paul had collected $115.00 to give away.  For the big bucks Nick Bulpin reached into the plastic jug and pulled out ticket #6220627.  With an embarrassed look on her face Annette Schenck held up her hand.  Annette tried to refuse the cash, but the crowd demanded she take it.  Dick Rovig then reached into the jug and retrieved ticket #6220643 awarding John Guich the remaining cash.  Congratulations to all the winners.

See everybody next week…