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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

JANUARY 17, 2019

Twenty-six men and women signed in for this week’s meeting.  As 12:00 Noon approached the president noted our official bell ringer was still sitting at his table.  Our server Kassi was asked to ring the bell leading all to stand including Cory who rushed to the sign-in table to complete the ringing.  Kathy Ness led the pledge of allegiance followed by President Nordlund welcoming everybody.

Good to see Joe Parks in attendance.  

For the beverage drawing, Bill asked Jerry Taylor to stir up the white plastic chips.  The winning number is six (not nine) today belonging to Nick Bulpin.  Enjoy your PBR Nick.

In news from the pension office, sorry to report that Ken Nicholas #2598 passed away on January 10th at age 75; Frankie Alexander #3271 passed away on January 13th at age 73; Lee Benjamin #2174 passed away on January 14th.  Lee was 83 years old.  May they rest in peace.
Dan reported Stephanie was working on the retro pay.  She has over five hundred retirees to update.  Please be patient.

The treasurer informed the crowd last week the club made $34.00.  The checking account balance is now $2022.00.

This week Chuck Pillon celebrates his 78th birthday.  Happy birthday Chuck.

Time for the Severance ten-dollar drawing.  Bill asked Dan Oliver to pick the lucky winner.  And the winner is Kathy Ness who signed in on line 21.

RSPOA President Jerry Taylor reminded everybody not to send money to the LEOFF I Coalition.

Time for the laughter to begin.  Kathy was first in line with a story about an Irishman on his death bed confessing to his wife.  Paul was next with a true story about a woman from Wisconsin who submitted the winning slogan for the Carnation Milk Company.

For today’s raffle $115.00 is up for grabs.  Kathy Ness reached into the plastic jug and came out with ticket stub #2241873 held by Dan Oliver.  For the remaining dollars Annette Schenck picked ticket stub #2241729 purchased by Joe Bouiffou.  Congratulations to all our winners.

An important note:  There will be no meeting next week so that everybody can attend Rich O’Neill’s retirement lunch at Park 90.  See everybody in two weeks…