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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

JANUARY 3, 2019

On the first meeting of the new year, twenty-four men and women signed in to enjoy a gathering of friendship and good conversation.  Cory Ness rang the bell, Cloyd Steiger led the pledge of allegiance followed by President Nordlund calling to meeting to order.

For the Witkowski beverage drawing Vice-President Green asked Ivan Feilberg to stir up the white plastic chips.  Ivan picked chip number four.  A disgruntled look came on the face of our VP when he saw that John Nordlund had signed in on line four.

In news from the pension office the following memorial services and celebration of life are scheduled:  (1) Myron Maxwell #928 will be held on January 12th beginning at 1:00 pm at Greenwood Memorial, 350 Monroe Ave NE, Renton; (2) Dick Gagnon #3145 held on January 13th at 1:00 pm at the Thomas Family Farms, 9010 Marsh Rd, Snohomish; (3) Gerald Teller #2434 will be held on January 18th beginning at 10 am at Tahoma National Cemetery; (4) Jerry Smith #2876 on January 25th beginning at 1:00 pm at Westgate Chapel, 22901 Edmonds Way, Edmonds.  Following the service, a reception will be held at the Nile.

Our treasurer reported last week the club brought in $4.42.  That brings the checking account up to $1984.00.  (Thanks to Jim Sharkey for the even number.)

This week Tom Caldwell celebrates his 85th birthday.  Happy birthday Tom…

For the Severance ten-dollar drawing, Bill asked Kathy Ness to pick the winning chip.  The winner is Roy Skagen signing in on line 22.

Time for the laughter.  Kathy Ness was first in line with a story about a neighbor paying off a debt who got more than he bargained for.  

In the absence of Paul, Dave DeMoss collected one-hundred dollars to give away.  Roy Skagen reached into the plastic jug and came out with ticket stub #8494428 purchased by Kathy Ness.

Congratulation to all the winners.

Don’t forget this coming Wednesday is the monthly retired officers’ meeting…