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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

JANUARY 31, 2019

After taking a week off to allow members to attend Rich O’Neill’s retirement luncheon, today we had twenty-eight men and women sign in to enjoy friendship and good conversation.  At 12:00 Noon Cory Ness rang the bell followed by Joe Sanford leading the pledge of allegiance.  President Nordlund pounded the gavel and welcomed everybody.

Good to see Greg Goldwyn attending.  This is Greg’s third meeting making him an official member.  Also, Dan Smoots was back with us.  One more meeting Dan.  

To get things rolling with the beverage drawing, Bill asked Dan to mix up the white plastic chips.  The winning number is four belonging to Kathy Ness.  Enjoy your drink Kathy.  (What an outstanding performance Kathy gave at Jerry Smith’s memorial service.)

In news from the pension office, sorry to report that Frankie Alexander #3271 passed away on January 13th at age 73.  You may remember that Frankie was shot during the big jail break back in 1979.  There will be a memorial service at the range Friday, Feb 1st beginning at 3:00 pm.  Lee Benjamin #2174 passed away on January 14th.  Lee was 83 years old.  Also, Tom Guthmiller #3448 died at his home in Mexico.  Tom passed away on January 14th.  He was 73 years old.

Our treasurer reported two weeks ago the club brought in $19.00.  That money brings the checking account balance up to $2051.00.

No birthdays to announce expect to say Jerry Smith would have been 78 on the 20th.  R.I.P.

Bill called for the Severance ten-dollar drawing.  Past President Dave Hortin mixed up the chips and came out with number ten today belonging to the current president.

To start the laughter Kathy Ness, Greg Goldwyn, and Paul Barden entertained the crowd with stories about marriage counseling, using the word fascinate, gender change, and finally retired SPD officers dating older women.  

For the raffle, Paul collected $120.00 to hand-out.  Hank Gruber reached into the plastic jug and retrieved ticket stub #2241933 held by Dan Melton.  Dan pulled out ticket #2241951 handing Cloyd Steiger the remaining cash.  Congratulation to all the winners.

See everybody at Ken Jakobsen’s Super Bowl party where prime-rib roasts will be served, poker will be played and money to be won on the boards…