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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

JULY 11, 2019

On the day after the RSPOA meeting, twenty-six men returned to the Nile for the weekly R.A.P. get together. As 12:00 noon approached Joe Sanford readied himself to ring the bell, Eric Michl led the pledge of allegiance then President Green called the gathering to order.

Bill welcomed everybody. Great to see Dan Beste attending his first R.A.P. meeting. Dan was also welcomed at yesterday’s retired officers’ meeting.

To get the meeting rolling Bill called for the beverage drawing. Joe asked Dan to mix up the chips. Today’s winner is Rudy Sutlovich who signed in on line 22. Enjoy your drink Rudy.

No news from the desk of Dan Oliver. Roy Skagen reported that Roy Wedlund is hospitalized at Swedish Edmonds recovering from a bladder infection. Jerry Bickle is now at Life Care Center of Skagit Valley. His room phone number is: 360-395-4870.

The treasurer reported last week the club made no money. Checking account balance remains at $2264.00.
Merv Henderson is celebrating his 66th birthday this week. Happy birthday Merv.

Time for the Severance ten-dollar drawing. Joe asked Past-President Nordlund to pick the number. After mixing up the chips out came number 23. Dean Quall is the lucky winner.

Bill called for jokes. Being that Cory & Kathy Ness are vacationing, Grey Goldwyn stepped forward with a story about the hazards of having an erection while lying under a truck when the brakes slip.

Paul collected $115.00 to give away. Dan Beste reached into the plastic jug pulling out ticket stub #3743168 purchased by Roy Skagen. For the remaining dollars Roy pulled out ticket stub #3742995 purchased by Dan Beste. (Isn’t that the way it is supposed to work.)

Mark your calendar for August 8th. That is the day for the R.A.P. picnic here at the Nile. Everybody is hoping for a good turn-out.

See everybody next week…