Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

RAP | Retired & Active Police

RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

JULY 18, 2019

On this nice mid-summer day twenty-nine men signed their names in the official logbook to enjoy another gathering of friendship and good conversations. For this week’s meeting Jim Sharkey had the privilege of ringing the bell, Eric Michl led the pledge of allegiance followed by President Green welcoming everybody.

Eric Michl introduced Retired Seattle Municipal Court Judge Mike Hurtado. The judge said it was an honor to be attending the meeting. He has nothing but admiration for police officers and all first responders. Welcome Judge. Also attending today is Garry Arnold, Tim Cook (retired K.C. custody officer) and Gene Healy. Gene is Rudy Sutlovich’s cousin up from San Francisco. This is at least Gene’s third meeting making him an official R.A.P. member.

Bill called for the beverage drawing. Joe Sanford asked Judge Hurtado to mix up the chips. Out came number one belonging today to Dave DeMoss.

In news from the pension office, sorry to report that Lee Cox #2565 passed away on July 9th. Lee was 81 years old. Service arrangements are pending. Also, James Wilson #2467 died on July 11th at age 78. There will be no services. We lost two widows: Patricia Fridell widow of Al Fridell #1744 passed away on July 6th. She was 89 years old. Betty Abbey widow of Dick Abbey #1537 passed away on June 13th. Betty was 87 years old.

Nick Bulpin reported he visited John Sullivan. John is now at the Bothell Health Care facilities, 707 SW 228th St. John is battling Parkinson’s disease. As always John welcomes any visitors.

The treasurer reported last week the club brought in $16.00. Checking account is now up to $2280.00.

Celebrating their birthday’s this week are Roy Skagen. Roy will be 82 years old. And Marty Spotanske is turning 91 years old. Happy birthday men.

In memory of the recent 75th anniversary of D-Day, Roy spoke to the crowd honoring the U.S. military.

For the Severance ten-dollar giveaway Eric Michl stirred up the chips and handed Dick Sherwood the ten-dollar bill. Dick had signed in on line 30.

The president called for jokes. Paul Barden stepped forward with a cute story about the Mafia Don Guido, the deaf bagman and the missing ten million dollars.

Time for the raffle. Paul collected $120.00 to handout. For the big bucks Judge Hurtado reached into the plastic jug pulling out ticket stub #3743099 purchased by Dave DeMoss. For the remaining dollars Dick Rovig pulled out ticket stub #3743377 purchased by Rudy Sutlovich. Congratulations to all the winners.

See everybody next week. Don’t forward the picnic on August 8th…