Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

RAP | Retired & Active Police

RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

MARCH 14, 2019

On the day after the Retired Officers’ Meeting, twenty-one men and women returned to the Nile to enjoy another round of friendship and good conversation.  Right on schedule our Vice-President Bill Green rang the club’s bell, Nick Bulpin led the pledge of allegiance, and President Nordlund pounded the meeting to order.

Looking around the gathering it was great to see Bill Kroon in attendance.  Also, Jim Philbrick was with us and hello to Ted Rovig.  Earlier Pete Farmasonas entered the meeting room to say hello to everyone.  (Rumor has it that Pete is writing a book sharing his memories about everything that happened at the Greek Village.)

For today’s beverage drawing, Bill asked Jim Philbrick to pick the winning chip.  And the number is 16.  One more vodka tonic for our VP.

In news from the pension office Dan reports that Joe Jankauskas is having serious health problems related to his heart.  A card was passed around the everyone to sign wishing Joe the very best.  Joe Sanford reported that Floyd Walker is doing better.

Our treasurer reported last week the club brought in $2.00.  In a sign of generosity Mike Severance funded the ten-dollar drawing for the coming year.  The checking account balance is now up to $2624.00.

Celebrating birthdays this week include Bob Little who turns 72 and Ted Rovig is 57 years old.  Happy birthday men.

There was a discussion about this year’s picnic.  The SPAA has decided to charge $125.00 for use of the picnic facilities at the range.  It is no secret that for the past couple years attendance has been down.  Dick Sherwood mentioned that he could reserve the Nile picnic area for no charge.  The Nile caterer has a great menu to offer.  Serious thought should be given to moving the picnic to the Nile.

Time for the Severance ten-dollar drawing.  Bill Kroon mixed up the chips and after a few attempts to pick a valid number the money goes to Dean Quall signing in on line 10.

To start the laughter Paul Barden was first in line with a cute story about Curtis & Leroy raffling off a dead mule.  Greg Goldwyn was next with a true story about a blond female police officer stopping a blond female traffic violator.  

For the raffle, Paul collected $110.00 to give away.  Eric Michl reached into the plastic jug and came out with ticket stub #2242658 purchased by Dave Smoots.  Jim Philbrick then stirred up the remaining tickets.  Ten-dollars goes to Dick Sherwood holding ticket #2242720.