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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

MARCH 17, 2022

Twenty-three men and women attended today’s meeting to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. On schedule at 12:00 Noon, Greg Pote sounded the bell, Dennis Hossfeld led the pledge of allegiance followed by President Nordlund calling for order.

Great to see Mike and Randy Ward in the crowd. Also, John Sullivan sends his wishes to all for a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. And everyone wishes John the best.

For the Pepper Pramhus ten-dollar drawing, Joe asked Randy to pick the winning number. Out came #23 today belonging to Roy Skagen.

Roy addressed the crowd paying a tribute to Ret. Marine Corps Colonel Dave Severance, Mike’s father.

In news from the pension office, the LEOFF I cola comes in at 4.75 percent. The adjustment will be seen on the April checks.

The treasurer reported last week the club brought in $35.00. Checking now up to $2576.00.

Celebrating birthdays this week are Henry Gruber and Ted Rovig. Today is Henry’s 80th birthday and thanks to Heidi for the brownies and cupcakes in honor of her dad. Dick’s son Ted celebrates his 60th birthday. Happy birthday men.

Now to the Cory & Kathy Ness ten-dollar drawing. Mike Ward mixed up the numbers and picked #7 belonging to Paul Barden. Along with the cash money Paul also gets a small bottle of Irish whiskey donated by Gina.

For the jokes and laughter, Pepper had a cute story about a blond applying for a job as a police officer and being sent out to solve the murder of President Lincoln.

The raffle today has $155.00 up for grabs. Randy Ward reached into the plastic jug retrieving ticket stub #9887554 held by Greg Pote. The remaining cash goes to Judi Smith holding ticket stub #9887580. Congratulations to all the winners.