Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

RAP | Retired & Active Police

RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

MARCH 5, 2020

Attendance down this week as only eighteen men and women signed the logbook.  Right on schedule at Noon, Cory Ness rang the bell followed by Pepper Pramhus leading the pledge of allegiance.  (Thank you Pepper for bringing cookies for all to enjoy.)

President Green called for order and welcomed everybody.  Bill noted next month his term of president is up.  Nominations are open for the position of president and vice-president.

Now for the beverage drawing.  Dave DeMoss asked the treasurer to mix up the chips.  Out came number 13.  A quick check of the logbook showed Ted Gormley the winner.

Good news to report from the pension office in that there is no sad news.  Within the past ten days Dan Oliver and Garry Arnold have undergone knee replacement surgery.  Everyone wishes them a speedy recovery.

Bill asked for the treasury report.  Last week the club brought in $32.00.  Checking account balance is $1031.00.

This week Jerry Bickford celebrates his 73rd birthday.  Happy birthday Jerry.

For the Severance ten-dollar drawing, Kathy Ness stirred up the chips.  The winning number is six today belonging to Nick Bulpin.

Time for the laughter to begin.  Kathy has custody of the official R.A.P. joke book.  She found a cute story comparing the sexual prowess of an American guy and a Latin guy.  Pepper followed up with a story about a soldier and a nun.  Nice job.

For today’s raffle Paul was only able to collect $95.00 to give away.  President Green reached into the plastic jug coming out with ticket stub #6937153 held by Pepper Pramhus.

Congratulations to all the winners.  Don’t forget next Wednesday is the monthly retired officers’ meeting.  Mayor Royer will be the guest speaker.  See everybody there.