Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

Mark Bisson # 5080, Retired Seattle Police Patrol Officer passed away on April 22, 2021 at the age of 57.
Mark was born and raised in Spokane Washington. He attended Ferris high, participating in basketball and track. In fact, he went to the state track meet every year. He was a state champ in the 400m sprint event. Upon high school graduation, he needed a job because he had to support himself. The Clarkston- Lewiston metro area hired him as a 19-year-old traffic officer,  riding solos. He joined the Pistol Team there. After three years he applied to Seattle PD. He was hired on December 2, 1986 and was immediately sent to the Academy. He formed a study group with Jim Arata #5258, Eric Barden #5111 and Mike Magan #5094. 

Both Mark and Mike were sent to the North Precinct as student officers. Mark ‘s FTO was Steve Jarvis #2688. They were together for a month. It was clear to Steve that Mark was a well prepared and ready to be cut loose early from SO training. Except Steve thought Mark needed to be introduced to golf. He was a natural and became an avid golfer. He went on to be a division one golfer in the Golf Association. Mark’s final SO phase was walking a beat with Don Werth#4168 in David Sector. Mark liked the Patrol work in David and King sector so much that he stayed in the West Precinct his entire career.
In the early 1990’s, Mark partnered up with Eric Barden, his academy mate and they work second watch, a two-officer car in David Sector for two years. One afternoon they got a call of a street person in a wheelchair harassing women customers at the tavern in the 100 block of Pine Street. It turned out the suspect was a double amputee above the knees. The bartender wanted the suspect removed; the women customers wanted him taken into custody. As Eric and Mark begin to escort the suspect out, he stopped and locked his wheelchair in the doorway. Then jumped out of the chair and begin running on his leg stubs out into oncoming traffic on First Avenue. By the time the officers got around the wheelchair blocking the door, the suspect was still running in traffic but his rolled up trouser legs had unwrapped and were trailing behind his short thighs. The officers finally caught up to him, but he ignored their commands to stop. So, Mark stepped on one of the trailing pant legs, this brought the suspect to a sudden stop, pulling him out of the trousers. Now the officers have a very irate drunk, wearing only BVD’s,  refusing to get up and out of the street causing a scene.  Luckily, Dutch Sisler arrived with the drunk wagon and took the suspect to Detox. Dutch helped many officers keep downtown safe and sane.
 In the late 1990’s Mark moved to third watch to work with John Powers #6243.  Mark did his old routine that he perfected with Nick Metz #4737. They would park the prowl car out of sight and wait for a group of young people yelling and shouting causing a ruckus, disturbing the peace after bar closing. Mark, who had a good baritone voice, would startle the group by singing a country song then told them to get out of his district – pronto.   
Mark ‘s last partner was Robin Roberts #5441 from 2007 until retirement in 2011. Robin would watch Mark do the New York Times crossword puzzles in a few minutes; this included the Sunday puzzle. He was also good at analyzing horse racing forms. He loved watching the horses run. Robin wished that Steve Jarvis had not introduced Mark to golf because Mark never gave Robin a chance to win. Mark was very athletic, super competitive and used psychology to throw off his opponent’s game.
Mark retired on June 29, 2011. He moved to Tucson, Arizona to be able to golf more. When not golfing, he started a hobby of buying old motorcycles online to restore then sell. He was always a Gonzaga basketball fan. He went to the games whenever possible. When he worked in Clarkston-Lewiston he never missed a zags game. On February 24, 2017 he married his wife, Andrea. She got a job in Tampa, Florida so they moved. In February of this year, Mark began a fight for his life. Unfortunately, the odds were against him. He passed away peacefully two months later in the home of his dreams.