Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

NOVEMBER 1, 2018

For today’s meeting twenty-four members and guests signed their name to the official logbook.  At 12:00 Noon Vice-President Green rang the bell and our server Gina led the pledge of allegiance.

President Nordlund called for order and welcomed everybody.  A big hello to Tony Hortin who is up from Texas visiting his dad.

As always, the first order of business is the Witkowski beverage drawing.  Bill had Annette Schenck stir up the chips.  The winning number is 10 belonging to Dean Quall.

In news from the pension office, sad to report Clarence Moyes #2035 passed away on October 24th at age 91.  Also, we lost two widows: Joyce Jensen widow of Ted Jensen #2004 passed away on June 2nd at age 83 and Cherie “Nikki” Bissegger widow of Mel Bissegger #2914 died on October 27th.  Nikki was 76 years old.  The yearly reporting forms have been mailed.  The forms are important.  Your signature must be notarized, and the forms returned to the pension office.

The treasurer reported last week the club brought in $11.00.  Checking account balance is $2419.00

The only member celebrating a birthday this week is Mike Severance.  Mike will be 72 years old.

Now the Severance ten-dollar drawing.  Cloyd Steiger mixed up the chips and pulled out number five today belonging to Nick Bulpin.

President Nordlund reminded everyone the Christmas lunch is set for December 12th.  

Time for the laughter to begin.  Paul Barden filled the bill with a story about what to do if you discover a bear on your roof.

Paul announced for the raffle today he collected $105.00 to give away.  Annette reached into the plastic jug and came out with ticket stub #8493249 purchased by Dean Quall.  The remaining five-dollar bill went to John Guich holding ticket #8493321.  Congratulations to all the winners especially Dean.

See everybody next week…