Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

NOVEMBER 7, 2019

For today’s meeting twenty-six men and women signed their names to the official logbook.  As 12:00 noon approached Cory Ness rang the bell catching President Green unaware of the time.  The crowd stood awaiting direction from the president.  An unknown member led the pledge of allegiance.  

Bill welcomed everybody and a special big hello to John Patrick Sullivan.

For the beverage drawing, Kathy Ness asked Ivan Feilberg to stir up the plastic chips.  Out came number 23, today belonging to Dean Quall.

In news from the desk of Dan Oliver, sorry to report that Jim Kegley #3175 passed away on November 3th.  Jim was 80 years old.  He retired from the department in May 1993 having spent most of his career working at the South Precinct.

Our treasurer reported last week the club brought in $11.00.  Checking account now up to $1434.00.

Celebrating their birthday’s this week include Ivan Feilberg who turned 92, Dan Oliver is now 75 years old and Dave Smoots is 79.  Happy birthday men.

Bill called for the Severance ten-dollar drawing.  Dean Quall mixed up the chips and choose Ted Gormley’s number 15.

In the absence of our Prince of Mirth, Kathy Ness, Paul Barden, and Ivan Feilberg filled the roll.  Kathy had a story about a little boy and his friend being bullied.  Paul talked about the fertilized egg business and Ivan finished with a story about what type of food the third graders prefer.  Good job by all.

For today’s raffle, Paul collected $125.00 to give away.  John Sullivan reached into the plastic jug coming out with ticket stub #3887081 purchased by Henry Gruber.  For the remaining dollars, Roy Skagen then reached into the jug pulling out ticket stub #3886983 held by Nick Bulpin.  Congratulations to all the winners.

  Don’t forget next Wednesday is the retired officers’ monthly meeting.  Larry Allen will be the speaker.  At the end of his presentation everybody will be qualified to fly a 747.

Reservation’s are coming in for the RSPOA/RAP Christmas lunch scheduled for December 12th.  Don’t be left out…