Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Old Blue 2012

Hosts for 2012 were Jennifer and Mike Deacy who took the above photos.  

Atttendees at this year’s luncheon:  Duane Lewis, Sonny & Nola Hancock, Don & Kathy Vert, John & Marsha Camp, John P. Sullivan, Karl & Susan Bergstrom, Virginia Johnson, Colleen Boyer, Sid & Barbara Zielke, Dave Ritter, Jim & Marilyn Tagart, Glenn & Patty Gilbert, Dan Melton, Pat & Joanie Munter, Mel & Melanie Rasmussen, Steve Pellegrini, Ken Baggen, Jerry & Carol Trettevik, Mike Hori, Eddie & Rosemary Rivera, Ray Gonty, Mike Crist, Bruce Wind, Jerry & Karen Jorve, Don & Jo Berg, Jerry Germeau, Gary & Joan Greene, Bob Waitt, Carl O’Leary, Glen Rouse, Frank & Judy Butcher, Marty & Rita Spotanske, Dan Stokke, Ken Jakobsen, Tommy Knight, Doug & Patsy Kitts [now with Puyallup P.D.].

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