Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Old Blue 2013

The Old Blue Clan gathered for the 21st time in Phoenix, AZ on Mar 16, 2013. A luncheon was held at Club West under balmy skies and close to 90 degree temperatures.  

Sixty  retirees and spouses, and a contingent of officers' widows were in attendance, to include: Jim and Vera Johnson, Loren Burtis, Dan Stokke, Jerry and Karen Jorve, Don and Kathleen Vert and mother, Norma Beard, Glenn and Patty Gilbert, Dan Melton,  Pat and Joannie Munter, Mel and Melaine Rasmusson, Mike Hori, Bruce Wind, Eddie and Rosemary Rivera, Mike and Jennifer Deacy, Ray and Irene Gonte, Carl and Susan Bergstrom, Sid and Barb Zeilke, Marty and Rita Spotanski, Jerry and Carol Trettevik, Ken Baggen, Sonny Hancock, Glen Rouse, John Patrick Sullivan, Pat Murphy, Duane Lewis, Virginia Johnson, Colleen Boyer, Don and Jo Berg, Carl O'Leary, Don and Marilee Marquart, Ron and Millie Aslett, Bob and Barbara Ballantyne, Dennis and Sharon Jorve, Gary and Joan Greene, George Levasseur with Constance Sloboden, Doug and Patsy Kitts, Bill and Barbara Green, and Robin McCurley. Other retirees had planned to attend, but dropped out due to health issues.  

Those included: Vern Mackie, Shaun and Eleanor O'Kinsella, Phil Halvorson and daughter, Linda Clifford,  and Mike Fann.  

On Sunday, March 17, 24 stalwarts braved the heat to compete in the golf tournament, also at Club West.  Dressed as leprechauns, the group played a very competitive round of golf on this St Patrick's Day, followed by a late lunch at the clubhouse. Pat Murphy took home the door prize for wearing the most green, and we all shared his birthday cake as well. A tired group headed home that evening as the sun was setting.  

Everyone seemed to enjoy  themselves at this years event, and the venue was perfect. So much so, that next years chairs, Eddie and Rosemary Rivera, have already booked the club for next year's gala event.

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