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Police Pension/Benefits/Insurance, etc. Important Phone contacts:   UPDATED 11/12/14 
Important Numbers : Phone Number Contact Person Email Address
Dan Oliver 206-386-1289 Dan Oliver  
Pension/city check/Death benefits/Address Changes 206-386-1287 Stephanie Coleman
Medical insurance/Assisted living/Nursing care 206-386-1286 Jan Brandes
Police Pension Email (reimbursements, etc) 
DRS – State check 1-800-547-6657    
Relief Association (Banquet/Condo) 206-726-9095    
Guild (The Guardian Newspaper) 206-767-1150    
RSPOA (Retired Officers Assoc)  206-420-8902 Nick Bulpin  
In cases of a members passing - the family, sppouse/child/POA/Executor is to notify the Police Pension Office as soon as practical. If you would like the Police Chaplain, Honor Guard or Bag Piper for the service, coordination is handled through the Police Pension office.
For funeral services - if you were honorably discharged or retired from the military, and you or your family will be wanting a flag presentation you must have a copy of your DD214 - 1-866-272-6272
Any change in your status, such as address or marital status needs to be reported to the Pension Office as well as DRS. Reminder, if you are getting married you only have one year to add a spouse to DRS for pension benefit. Eligibility date is day 366 of your marriage through the second year. This is an "OPT IN" participation. You must opt in and have an actuarial reduction for your spouse to have a benefit should you pass.