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Retired Officers Banquet

Retired Officers Banquet
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The Seattle Police Relief and the Retired Seattle Police Officers' Association present an Annual Retired Officers' Banquet in September.  Attendance tends to run in excess of 400 people, so it is a great time to reconnect with old friends..

The room was filled and we all got the chance to talk to a lot of old friends. The only complaint was that there was just not the time or space to see everyone.

There are great videos and some sad reflections as we look back at the friends lost over the last year.

We have posted  photos that were taken by John Nordlund for many years on our photosharing site at  Take a look and enjoy. 

Our SmugMug site now allows us to upload full size images and they are there for you to download for free or just browse.  Your can even order prints if you choose.  We have banquet photos back to 2008 plus Old Blue, RAP Picnic, Christmas and more.  Check the site periodically as we will continue to add galleries as new photos become available.