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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2018

On the day after the 75th Annual Retired Officers’ Banquet, thirty-three members signed in to enjoy companionship and good conversation.  At 12:00 Noon Vice President Green rung the bell, Cloyd Steiger led the pledge of allegiance, President Nordlund gaveled the meeting to order.

Nice to see Bob Gordon in the crowd.  Bob made the annual trip over from his ranch in Winnemucca.  And hello to Jim Fisk who crossed the mountains this morning.  Jim Johnson, Jr. is with us for at least his third meeting.  Making Jim an official member whose name will be added to the roster.  Welcome to everybody.

Second order of business, the Witkowski beverage draw.  Bill had Cloyd mix up the chips.  The winner today is Nick Bulpin signing in on line eight.

As reported last week we lost John Boren.  A sympathy card was passed around for Betty.

For the treasurer’s report, last week the club brought in $7.00.  The checking account balance is up to $2396.00.

Celebrating birthdays this week are Past President Greg Pote who turns 62 and Joe Sanford has his 83rd birthday.  Happy birthday men.

Time for the Severance ten-dollar drawing.  Greg stirred up the plastic chips and pulled out number 32 belonging to Dean Quall.

In the absence of our Prince of Mirth, Paul Barden filled in with stories about a 79-year-old man in a bar approached by a beautiful woman who would do anything for one hundred dollars.  Apparently painting his house wasn’t on her menu. 

Today’s raffle has $120.00 up for grabs.  Jim Sharkey reached into the plastic jug and wouldn’t you know it pulled out his own number 4728857.  Not taking a chance that would happen again Paul asked Roy Skagen to pick the winning ticket for the remaining dollars.  The number is 4728744 purchased by Jim Fisk.  Congratulations to all the winners.

See everybody next week…