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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

On this year’s first Fall or Autumn meeting, twenty-two men signed in to enjoy another week of friendship and good conversation.  As 12:00 noon approached John Guich rang the bell followed by Dean Quall leading the pledge of allegiance.

President Green welcomed everybody and a big hello to Dave’s son, Andy Hortin.

Bill called for the beverage drawing.  Joe Sanford asked Dave Smoots to stir up the chips.  After the stirring out came number eight.  Joe checked the logbook only to discover Dave Smoots is the winner.

In news from the pension office, Tom Jeffers #2834 passed away on September 17th at age 83.  (Much to the dismay of Rusty Campbell, Tom retired on disability after only a couple years of service.)  Also, Catherine McCloud widow of Paul passed away on September 19th.  Catherine was 65 years old.

The treasurer reported that a new checking account has been opened at the credit union.  The current balance is $1412.00.

Celebrating their birthdays this week is Frank Kampsen and John Nordlund.  Frank is now 73 years old and John is 75 years old.

Time for the Severance ten-dollar drawing.  Joe asked Dick Sherwood to pick the winning number.  After a couple attempts to pick a valid number out came chip number nine.  (Or is it six).  The money goes appropriately to Mike Severance.

Time for the laughter to begin.  Al Nelson stepped up with a story about Paranormal Studies at Wayne State University.  About 90 students told the professor they believed in ghosts.  Only Hamad sitting in the back of the room claimed to have had sex with a ghost.  The professor called Hamad to the podium to explain the experience.  Hamad was embarrassed to discover the professor was talking about ghosts, not goats.  

Paul collected $105.00 for today’s raffle.  Andy Hortin reached into the plastic jug pulling out ticket stub #3886278 purchased by Dick Sherwood.  In a showing of generosity Dick handed his winnings to our server Ashleigh.  The remaining five dollars goes to Dave Hortin holding ticket st