Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

William “Bill” Kirk #3358, Retired Seattle Patrol Officer passed away on Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 82 years of age.
Bill was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  His family moved to Yam, Oregon, which is near McMinnville.  He attended Yam High School playing both basketball and baseball.  In 1956, while in his Junior year, Bill joined the Marine Corps.
While in the Marines, he earned his GED and attended college night classes.  In 1962 he was stationed at the Bremerton Naval Ship Yard. There he met his wife, Esther.  One year later they were married.  He played baseball for his unit.  Bill was next assigned to San Diego to attend Drill Instructor School.  His final posting was Vietnam.  Bill left the Marines after 14 years of service and in 1970 switched to the Army Reserves.
In April 1970 Bill joined the Seattle Police Department.  He worked in the original Georgetown Precinct and later in the current South Precinct building.  His entire career was patrolling the south end.  He was partnered with Mark Gilbert #2919.  The partnership lasted ten years.  Both were FTO’s, so when there was not a student officer they would team up and frequently work the Alki car.  One evening they responded to a disturbance call on Alki.  A young man had a super soaker pump water gun filled with vinegar, he was squirting both cars and pedestrians. They located the suspect, talked to him and told him to leave the area. Thirty minutes later, they saw him again squirting people and cars.  This time he became a smart mouth, so the officers braced him for being not only a pest but stupid.  By the middle of this interaction his moniker became Mr. Stupid.  He replied you can't treat me this way, my dad is a captain on the department.  In fact, his dad was not just any captain but their Precinct Captain.  Unfazed, they ordered Mr. Stupid to go home immediately or to go to the Youth Center and to give his dad their regards.  The next day Romero Yumul #2226 thanked Bill and Mark for the way they handled his son, and told them that after he was finished with "Mr. Stupid" he would wish they had put him in the Youth Center.
In 1984 Bill was best man at Mark's wedding.  Their partnership ended when Mark was transferred to David Sector to walk a beat. Then Bill and Bob Lisoski #2817 worked together.  One shift they encountered three young Marines.  After reminiscing with them Bill invited them to his little farm near Black Diamond to ride horses and have dinner.  This friendship lasted for years.  Bill raised horses and grew hay so he started a hay handling business.  His wife Esther started a cleaning business in Midway.  Bill had almost all the South Precinct officers as clients.
Bill played softball for the Seattle Blues (Department team).  In a game against WSP at Bush Prairie it rained so hard that when he hit a long drive he could hardly run the bases.  His arms were pumping like mad, but his legs were stuck and sliding in the muddy slop.  He finally made it to second base but in the slop he slid around the base totally missing it.  As he tried to crawl back to the bag, he looked like a competitor in mud wrestling.  He didn't make it but did provide comic relief to both teams.
In 1983 Bill transferred to Communications.  He worked radio for three years then back to Patrol for his final five years.  During his career Bill had the distinction of working for Bill Kramer #2170 at every rank the chief had attained.
Bill had to retire after 20 years of service due to a neck injury.  He also had 20-year military pension.  Before leaving the department, he mentored his 13 year old daughter Donna in playing baseball.  She was so good that the Seattle Police Athletic Association sponsored her to go to the National Slowpitch  (NSSSA) Tournament in Florida.  In retirement, Bill worked his small farm.  His wife Esther passed away in May 2016.
Bill is survived by his wife of four years Karen, and his three daughter’s Donna, Debbie and Diane, and his son David.