Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Pension Office News | August 2018


  • The Annual RAP Picnic was held on August 2nd. Yet, it seems every year the attendance is getting smaller. The Blue Angels flew overhead, while the Bocce Ball competition was intense and all the while, raffle winners were being called out.  In the end, three teams were declared co-winners with the prize fund divided equally.
  • Attention SNOWBIRDS – get your winter address into the Pension Office. Call Stephanie at 206-386-1286, option 3, or email
  • Don’t forget that the Retired Officers Banquet is at the Range Pavilion on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.  Please contact the Relief Association for any tickets at 206-726-9095
  • ATTENTION, ATTENTION – if you are considering home care, assisted living, or some other facility care, call Jan at 206-386-1286, Option #1, before taking any action. She will gladly advise and assist you.
  • For those few of you that are still receiving paper City checks, the office is still getting reports of slow mail delivery, lost and/or stolen mail. Please consider switching to electronic deposit – one less hassle in life. Please contact Stephanie at or 206-386-1286 Option 3.
  • If you have a spouse on the City’s Retiree Medical, you must deal directly with City Personnel Benefits Section (206-615-1340) regarding any changes in coverage or a change of address. The Pension Office cannot do this for you.

  • Final Resting Place – Contrary to some beliefs, the Pension Office does not have a benefit available for our members for your final resting place arrangements at the time of your passing. We strongly encourage you to pre-arrange your final resting plans for yourself. The Pension Office will not be able to assist in this matter. You should advise your spouse/executor and/or your Power of Attorney of your wishes. If you have questions, contact Stephanie at 206-386-1286, option #2.
  • Pension Verification Letters – Typically, when purchasing another home or refinancing your home, your lender may require a “Pension Verification Letter.” These letters can take up to a business week to complete. If you are receiving a pension from DRS only, you can log onto your DRS account ( and print the letter out directly! If you are dually entitled and receiving a City check, you will need to call our office at 206-386-1286 option #2 and request a letter. We will work on each request in the order they are received. Please be kind and give us some lead time.
  • If your Audiologist and/or eye care provider has questions about your benefits or a claim question, have them contact UMR directly, or you can call the UMR members only line directly at 1-800-207-3172 and ask to speak to the Police Pension Team. You can ask a team member to call your provider directly. The Pension Office does not have access to claim information.
  • Board policy regarding Durable Medical Equipment, if prescribed by a Physician for use in your home – Durable Medical Equipment (DME) must be used for medical reasons and must not usually be useful to someone who is not sick or injured. The type of Durable Medical Equipment that this plan may cover includes but is not limited to: Air fluidized hospital beds, blood glucose monitors, commode chairs, crutches, home oxygen equipment and supplies, hospital beds, infusion pumps, nebulizers, patient lifts to lift patients from beds or wheelchairs, suction pumps, traction equipment, walkers, and wheelchairs. The Police Pension has a preferred medical equipment supplier – Ron Santana at Home Health Solutions 1-800-251-7911. Members are encouraged to call the Pension Office before ordering major medical supplies if possible. The Pension Office will not cover retail beds, they must be a DMW hospital bed/mattress. This change was mailed out in your benefits booklet in the Spring of 2017.
  • Hearing aids must be provided through a licensed doctor/audiologist to be covered by your benefit. Check your benefits booklet. Your provider should verify your benefits with UMR prior to you receiving your hearing instruments. See the number on the back of your UMR card.
  • If you exceed your medical limit for benefits, such as hearing aids, eye glasses, cataract lenses, massage fees, etc., you are responsible for the excess. So be sure to check your benefits before signing a personal contract (agreeing to pay) with a provider for whatever amount is being charged.

New Retirements

There are no retirements to report this month.