Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Pension Office News | January 2018

  • 116 retirees and associates attended the 2017 RAP/RSPOA Christmas Luncheon at the Nile on December 13th. There were six $100 raffle drawings this year. Gene Willard provided entertainment again this year, as only Gene can.
  • There are still outstanding 2018 Reporting Forms that need to be sent to the Pension Office. Also, include your 2017 Part B Medicare Reimbursement form, if applicable.
    Scroll down to download the forms.
  • If a retiree or retiree’s spouse or POA passes away, please notify the Pension Officer as soon as possible. There are records to be updated and there may be benefits that need to be adjusted.

New Retirements

There are no retirements to report this month.

Pension Forms

For all Retired Officers:  
For those Retired Officers only, who are over 65 years old and on Medicare: You will also receive the 2017 Medicare Reimbursement Form. Do not complete this form if you are already submitting requests to our office. This form is for the Annual Medicare Reimbursement only. Expect processing time of approximately 4 to 6 weeks. NO REIMBURSEMENTS WILL BE PROCESSED UNTIL YOUR REPORTING FORMS ARE RECEIVED. This form is not required to be notarized.

For Surviving Spouses/Beneficiaries: 
You will receive only one form, the “Reporting Form”, which must be completed, notarized and returned to the Seattle Police Pension Office by January 31, 2017.  

Everyone will also receive the Emergency Contact Form. This form is not required to be notarized. Please complete this form and return it with your other document(s).

THESE ANNUAL FORMS ARE IMPORTANT.  Auditors look to these reports to validate public pension payments and medical benefits you may be receiving.  

Download the forms here:

5-Important Numbers

Instructions For All:
Please take a few minutes now to complete this vital paperwork and return it to your Seattle Police Pension Office by January 31, 2018!!  YOUR SIGNATURE(S) MUST BE NOTARIZED.  

Once completed and notarized, you can email, fax or mail your documents to the Pension Office:

Email:   The only way we can send an acknowledgement of our receipt is via the email transmission.

Fax: 206-386-9075

US Mail:  Police Pension Office, PO BOX 94729 Seattle, WA 98124-4729

Wives & Widows

Elsie Faires, widow of deceased retired Seattle Police Motorcycle Officer Ronald Faires #1139 passed away on December 13, 2017 at the age of 89.