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There are no retirements to report this month.

Pension Office News | February 2017

  • There are still a few outstanding 2016 Medicare Part B Requests for Reimbursement. Please return them.
  • A few members have not sent in the 2017 Reporting Forms. Please send them in to the Pension Office.
  • As of 1-16-17, OptumRX/UMR has corrected the “over the counter” or OTC drug claims issue to process as usual for all OTC drugs and supplements that have a National Drug

Code (NDC) and/or were previously processed through Express Scripts/Premera. Questions as to whether or not a new prescription has a NDC, should be directed to your pharmacist. If the doctor writes you a prescription for an “over the counter” drug or supplement and it has a National Drug Code (NDC,) it can be billed by your pharmacy directly and will be paid at 100%, with no copay, by UMR/OptumRX.

Pharmacists can call UMR/OptumRX at 1-877-559-8955. All contact numbers are also on your UMR card.

Please call UMR Customer Service (Members line) at 1-800-207-3172, if you have further questions about your benefit or call Jan at the Pension Office. Please remember, the Pension Office has no idea if your “over the counter” prescription has an NDC number, but your pharmacy should be able to tell you. Items such as Band-Aids, gauze, homeopathic creams, and items that are not medications and dot NOT have an NDC, but have been prescribed by your doctor, are still covered by your medical plan, but you must pay up front and submit your Simple Reimbursement form directly to UMR to get your money back. Reimbursement forms can be found on the RSPOA website, by calling UMR, or emailing the Pension Office at