Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Pension Office News | December 2017


  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
  • The 2017 Reporting Form packets were mailed last month to all pensioners. Please fill out all the required forms; i.e. Reporting Form, Health Care Form (widows do not need to fill this out,) Emergency Contact Form (both sides), and Medicare Part B Reimbursement Form (officers only.) All forms need to be received before your Medicare reimbursement is sent out.
  • If your Audiologist and/or eye care provider has questions about your benefits or a claim question, have them contact UMR directly, or you can call the UMR members only line directly at 1-800-207-3172 and ask to speak to the Police Pension Team. You can ask a team member to call your provider directly. The Pension Office does not have any claim information.
  • If you are holding 2016 out of pocket expenses, UMR has agreed to make out of pocket reimbursement for officer pensioners for all of these medical/RX/vision services. So, you will not have to go through Premera. This only applies to you, not your providers.
  • The SPMA has just settled its contract with the City - More on this next month. No word on SPOG negations.   

New Retirements

There is one Plan II retirement to report:

Mike Nolan #4903, graduated from Interlake High School in 1980. He enrolled in WSU as a music major. A few months into the quarter, he auditioned for a local Rock and Blues cover band. It had a gig every weekend, up and down the Idaho panhandle in every dive bar. The money was pretty good, but the fun for a young man was even better. However, his grades were not better due to rehearsals and the weekend job – Mike flunked out. So, he goes home and talks to his dad who is a leasing manager for Budget Rental Car/Truck. The company was owned by Joe Diamond who also owned Diamond Parking. So, Mike got a job in the parking business, maintaining pay boxes, re-striping parking stalls, and repairing impounded barrels, especially the ones used in the lot across from the old PSB. These barrels frequently were damaged by bolt cutters. He became acquainted with fellow employee Duane Hendrix #4933.

While working for Diamond Parking, Mike went to Bellevue Community College to get his grade point up. He did. But as a lark, he took a couple of law enforcement classes. Then he went on a few ride-alongs with King County. He caught the bug. Mike returned to WSU, majoring in Criminal Justice. After graduating, he applied to the Seattle Police Department.

Mike was hired in May of 1985 and so was his fellow Diamond lot employee Duane Hendrix. He was assigned to the West Precinct, working for Bernie Miller #2454 in David Sector. Mike went to the South Precinct to work for Don Grasby #1525 and Frank Ottersbach #835. Mike was paired up with Al Sheheen #4916. But occasionally Larry Sutton #2585 would take Mike under his wing for tutelage in advanced training. When Larry went to Street Vice, he lobbied for Mike. Mike got to do a 30-day loan there. One night, Larry made an O & A on a street prostitute. Mike’s job was to walk up to the car, show his badge, and arrest her. As Mike approached, the street walker gets out of the car, pushes past Mike and ran to the trunk area. Mike followed her. Larry got out of the driver seat and ran back to cut her off. She jumped on the trunk lid, then up to the roof. She pulled off one of her spiked high heels and dared them to cuff her. Larry was too smart for this and called for a canine. The dog arrived and jumped up on the roof, grabbed a leg and whipped the suspect down onto the ground. Then she began complaining – not about the arrest, not about the bite, nor being yanked off the roof. She complained the canine wouldn’t give back her shoe. It was now his trophy chew toy. Even the handler couldn’t retrieve it.

Another time, Harry James #3050 was working with Mike. Harry made the O & A. Again, all Mike had to do was come up to the car and announce the arrest. As Mike opened the car door, badge in hand, the hooker’s body odor overwhelmed him. He gagged and turned to vomit. She jumped out and ran by him and escaped. Harry got out in disgust, walked over to Mike and says, “Get used to it. It’s the smell of overtime!” Mike got the hang of working Street Vice. Later, he teamed with Leanne Shirey #4116 to work gambling cases in the International District. They made one of the largest vice forfeitures – a hotel.

In 1996, Mike was promoted to sergeant, assigned to Third Watch East, George Sector for two years. Then he was assigned to IIS for two years. He took the lieutenants test to escape IIS. He passed. In 2000, he was sent back South to be a Watch Commander and later, the OPS Lieutenant. In 2003, Joe Kessler #4601 recruited him to Traffic. There, he worked alongside Steve Paulsen #4857 and later, Robin Clark #4507. In 2007, Mike transferred to Vice to help guide the Colacurcio RICO investigation. Just as the organization was being taken down in 2010, Mike was promoted to Captain. Mike was the first permanently assigned Night Duty Captain. After a few months, he went South to be the Precinct Commander for three years. In 2013, he returned to Traffic for eighteen months. Then somehow, he was beamed up to Area 53 with a couple other senior captains. After a couple of unsuccessful months trying to find agents Mulder and Scully, he was beamed back down to Vice where he finished his career in September 2017.

After 32 years of service, Mike is taking up music again as a rock drummer. We may even see him in a casino retro band or on Public Television oldies and moldies rock telethons. However, to get away from all the drumming racket, his wife Nina will continue to work.

Wives & Widows

Geneva Henaby, widow of retired Seattle Police Detective William Henaby #849, passed away on October 10, 2017 at the age of 98.

Jeanne Hawk, wife of almost 50 years of retired Seattle Police Officer Bob Hawk #3297 passed away on August 20, 2017 at the age of 70.