Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Pension Office Reporting Forms

You have probably just received a letter from the Pension Office with required Annual Forms that MUST be completed and returned to the Pension Office no later than January 31, 2017.

Please keep a copy for your records! They may need to ask you for a copy if they don't receive it.

Pension Office staff will be attending the monthly RSPOA meetings at the Nile and will have their notary stamps. Please bring your completed paperwork so they can notarize it for free and save you a few dollars.

You can download copies of the forms using the links below:

Why is the Police Pension asking for our Power of Attorney paperwork?
Why is Police Pension asking for Emergency Contact information?

Unfortunately, we have had instances where: Our members (you) are not able to speak for themselves due to illness/injury/incapacitation. We have no information on file as to whom you have designated to make decisions for your welfare. Also, many times the Pension office is the first to hear about someone collapsing so we need to know who you want contacted.

We request these document(s) from you, to ensure this is the proper and current document according to your wishes and your appointment. It is kept in a locked cabinet, in your retirement folder and is not shared with anyone.

The emergency contact form should be completed with your name on page 1 at the top. Your emergency contacts information goes on the back.

Please know that your pension office is here for you and for your benefit; we want to ensure that your designated person is who we are speaking with regarding your medical and financial benefits.

Should you have any questions, please contact Stephanie at 206-386-1287 press #3 or via email at