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By: Officer Mike Severance #2866

Officer Com B Anderson
Com Anderson

During the morning hours of September 27, 1936, Seattle Police Motorcycle Officer Con B. Anderson, 36, was at the Ballard Police Station located at 22 Ave. NW and Ballard Ave. NW. Around 9:10 a.m., Officer Anderson was in the restroom. He had hung his gun belt on a hook on a wall. After washing, he took his gun belt off the hook. His revolver fell out of its holster and hit the floor. The weapon discharged. Police revolvers in those days did not have a hammer block. A single bullet hit Officer Anderson in the right breast. Officers R. A. Thomas and A. S. Evans heard the shot, and found Officer Anderson on the restroom floor. He was rushed to Ballard General Hospital where he died at 9:30 a.m. Officer Anderson was survived by his wife, Alice, and his two children, Doris and Raymond. He was also survived by his parents and siblings including his brother, SPD Officer Reiff Anderson.

Officer Anderson’s funeral was held on October 1, 1936 at the Mittelstadt Funeral Parlor. Officer Anderson was buried at Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery.

Con Bartell Anderson was born on March 19, 1899 in Seattle (Fremont). Both his parents had been born in Denmark, and his father was a carpenter. At the time of the 1910 US Census, the family was still living in Seattle. In 1918, when he registered for the WW I Draft in Yakima, he listed his address as Naches, WA and his occupation as farmer. The 1920 US Census shows the family living in Tieton, WA, and his name is listed as Constatine. On May 16, 1920, he married Alice Birk in Yakima. By 1924, Con and Alice were living in Seattle. He was employed as a clerk, laborer, and trainman until he was commissioned as a Seattle police officer on December 2, 1929. At the time of his death, the family lived at 7547 18 Ave. NW.

Alice Anderson continued to live at the family home through 1948. She re-married, and died in 1969. Raymond Anderson and his sister, Doris, both married and lived their lives in Seattle. Raymond died in 1979. Doris died in 2000. Doris’s daughter, Officer Anderson’s granddaughter, lives on Camano Island.