Retired Seattle Police Officers Association
Minutes of Monthly Meeting
August 9, 2017

President Taylor called the meeting to order in the Red Room of the Nile Country Club at 1140 hours August 9, 2017. Marlynn McLaughlin led the Pledge of Allegiance and Taylor asked all to remain standing for a moment of silence for Abbot Harris #2733 passing July 13th.

Roll call of officers showed Taylor, Dick Rovig, Nick Bulpin, John Nordlund, John Sullivan, Terri MacMillan, Dan Oliver, Joe Bouffiou and Dan Melton present with Jeff Caldwell excused.

Taylor directed attention to the minutes of the July meeting that have been distributed and asked for any additions, corrections or deletions. Dick Sherwood moved the minutes be accepted as written, seconded by Ed Turner and passed. Nick Bulpin gave the financial report and stated it would be submitted for audit.

There will be a celebration of life for Ernie Randall tomorrow following the Thursday RAP meeting here at the Nile. Ernie has arranged for a fully hosted good time event of food, beverages and music to be shared by his family and friends.

Roy Wedlund reported his former partner, Tom Witkowski has moved into Christa for COPD care. Roy made it clear they will be on the same floor but not same room.
President Taylor requested anyone receiving requests for donations from the LEOFF One Coalition to please not donate and to forward a copy of any mailings to him.
President Taylor introduced Captain Gregg Caylor who presently commands of the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA). He has 27 years with SPD serving in Patrol, Detectives, Human Resources and Force Review.

Captain Caylor outlined the responsibilities of his office as they investigate complaints of improper police behavior. The OPA complies with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and City Consent Decree of 2012. Captain Caylor cited statistics independently compiled over a 16 month period that determined there was incidence of less than .3% of excessive use of force in over 600,000 police encounters. The officers on the street are doing an outstanding job. Caylor responded to many questions. He was applauded, thanked and awarded a RSPOA badge.

President Taylor reminded the September meeting will be the Relief Association’s Retired Officers Banquet at the SPAA Pavilion. Doors will open at 5PM and buffet line at 7PM. There will not be a September business meeting here at the Nile.

There being no further business, Joe Sanford conducted the door prize drawing and at 1230 hours 46 people enjoyed lunch.

Nick Bulpin, Secretary/Treasurer