Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

Cecilla Doucet (Cecie) #4273, retired Seattle Police Officer passed away on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 after a long struggle with illness. She was 70 years of age upon passing.
Cecie was born in Astoria, Oregon. She was adopted by an older local family. She has no living relatives.

After graduating from Astoria High in 1965, she worked at a variety of local businesses but the jobs did not motivate her. So, she got involved in local politics. Robert (Bobby) Kennedy’s 1968 run for the presidency really inspired her. She became one of his campaign workers. The local Democratic party sent another young worker with Cecie to the California Primary to work the phone banks. She was greeting people at the Ambassador Hotel’s ballroom after Bobby Kennedy gave his primary victory speech. As he exited through the kitchen, he was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan. Cecie heard the shots and looked over in time to see Rosey Greer, a former NFL tackle grab the shooter and disarm him. This had a great effect on Cecie.

Cecie finished out her campaign job back in Astoria. When the election was over, she applied to United Airlines, which was a sub-division of Boeing at the time. Then, it was the most prestigious airline in the country. Very few were selected to be one of its stewardesses. She became one of them in 1969. Her moment of fame in the “friendly skies” was escorting the moon rock across the country. Of course, it flew in first class with personal stewardess Cecie. She even belted the rock in the seat. She was its security, keeping the reporters and cameramen in line around the rock. She made them behave like she would years later as a police officer. She had the knack.

Cecie got tired of the friendly skies, and quit in 1972. Again, she worked several jobs, but none of these really interested her. She moved to Seattle in 1975 and got a job at the downtown Denny’s. Soon she was had a regular group of patrol officers (including John Hanna #1490, Tom Sacco #3704, and John Hannah #2676) always sitting in her section and tipping well. Tom took her on several ride-alongs and Cecie, ever ready to evangelize, returned the favor and took Tim and his wife Cheryl to a Billy Graham revival. The next year, she got a job at the City’s Parks Department.  But she remembered her police friends, so when she saw an inter-department flyer advertising SPD recruiting, she applied. She was hired. She attended BLET Class 116. She worked her entire career in Patrol – David Sector. Her first sergeant was Dennis Delorm #3207. In the mid-80s, David Sector was experiencing a rash of prostitutes rolling their johns, so her then-sergeant Dan Beste #3295 put her on prostitute patrol looking for the rollers. Whenever she saw one, she would interview them. Then she would start proselytizing about ethics, morals, health practices, etc. These sessions would last well into the prostitute’s working hours, so they could not make their nut for the night. The pimps would be mad. Soon the prostitutes got the message – no rolling! Crime wave solved. One shift, Cecie was posing as a decoy hooker with her pimp Alvin “Big Daddy” Little #4843. They looked so real that a Tac Squad Unit shook them down.
She and her friends Joy Mundy #4433, Vinette Tichi #4562, Carol Minikami #4296, and Donna Lopez #5268 started a sorority called WOOF – Women Officers Over Forty, proving these is a social life about 39 years of age. Diane Stone #4293 did not join the WOOFers because she was a (WSU) cougar.

On March 19, 1996, Cecie received the Officer of the Year Award. She was the first female officer to do so.  During these years, she never forgot her orphanage roots. She donated to various orphanages, including one in Honduras. Cecie retired on March 31, 2016 after 35 years of service.

Then she struggled with ill health. Her goal was to reach age 70, which she did five days before her passing. Her fear was that nobody would remember her, and that no one would attend her funeral.  But they did remember and did attend her funeral. Then they attended her wake at the Red Hook Brewery, where she prepaid a tab of $1000.