Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Minutes of Monthly Meeting
February 9, 2022

President Taylor called the meeting to order at 1145 hours in the Red Room of the Nile Country Club February 9, 2022. Joe Bouffiou led the Pledge of Allegiance followed with a last ring moment of remembrance for: Joel Hayes #2247 passing February 5th at 84 years, Donna Brazel #1618 passing January 29th at 94 years, Steve Stokke #3209 passing January 20th at 74 years and Dennis Delorm #3207 passing January 18th at 80 years.  

Roll call of board members showed Taylor, John Nordlund, Nick Bulpin, Rich O’Neill, Dan Melton, Joe Bouffiou and Dan Oliver as present with Terri MacMillan, John Sullivan and Jeff Caldwell excused.
President Taylor directed attention to the minutes of the January 12th meeting and asked for any corrections, additions or deletions. There being none, Joe Bouffiou moved the minutes be accepted as written with Dan Melton seconding and the motion passed.

Nick Bulpin gave the financial report and stated it would be submitted for audit.
President Taylor acknowledged the presence of John Gray, Jerry Trettevik and Ava Sundstrom who have not attended the meetings recently and continued welcoming everyone else.

President Taylor reported the legislative session continues in Olympia and announced SB 5791 passed out of the Ways and Means Committee and was forwarded to Rules Committee with recommendation to pass onto the Senate floor where it will likely be sent to the House for passage. This bill provides for a reduction in LEOFF 1 reserves by passing monies onto LEOFF 1 members based on months of service.  

SB 5652 is a similar bill for LEOFF 2 also passed the Senate Ways and Means Committee and was referred to the Senate Rules Committee where it remains since January 27th.   A companion House Bill 1701 has passed out of Appropriations and put forward to the House Floor without a hearing in House Rules.

Joe Bouffiou had the honor of introducing his daughter-in-law, Judge Valerie Bouffiou, as the guest speaker. Judge Bouffiou listed her accomplishments in the various communities surrounding Seattle. She served as prosecutor, defense counsel and Judge Pro-tem before becoming presiding Judge in Lynnwood. She described the various proceedings using the internet, Zoom telecasts and in-person contacts. She noted the city of Lynnwood is currently rebuilding the police, court and jail buildings to service the 44,000 population of Lynnwood along with the surrounding communities. She answered several questions and was presented with a RSPOA badge and applause.

There being no further business the door prize drawing was held. The meeting was adjourned at 1220 hours and 36 folks had a nice lunch.

Nick Bulpin, Secretary/Treasurer