Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

Harry Cole #1556, retired Seattle Police Patrolman passed away on November 24, 2014. He was 86 years of age upon passing. 

Harry grew up in Longview, Washington. He attended Robert A Long High School where he excelled in football. He got a football scholarship to Oregon State but Uncle Sam interfered with Harry’s football plans. He was drafted.  After basic training, Harry was assigned to an Infantry Regiment in the Army of Occupation in Germany. He did two years glaring at the Soviet Army. He was discharged in 1948 and returned to Longview and got a job choking logs in the forest.  In 1950, he decided to get an easier job and moved to Seattle. There he met his Donna, at the Triple X Drive In on Aurora. One year later, they got married and moved way out to Edmonds where homes were cheaper than in Seattle. The new family decided Harry needed a steady job. So he started applying to Seattle’s various city departments.  Hiring was slow after the Korean War but he landed a job with the Police Department in the Spring of 1954.
Harry was a patrolman his entire career. He was first assigned to the South Precinct then North working with Bud Jelberg #1605 (they even started a furnace cleaning business). Several years later he transferred to the Central Precinct where he worked both East and West. Eventually he got the beat walking Pioneer Square for five years. Then he was assigned to the Jail for a short stint. In 1974, he went back to Patrol and began working off duty at the Seattle Center. Pat Murphy #1653 liked the way Harry worked so had him assigned to the Center Detail in 1976.  Harry remained at the Center until 1984 when he retired after almost 31 years of service.
All the time Harry was on the job, he worked off duty (a father with eight children had to) at sporting events, at the public market and flagging. In retirement, he continued to work security and traffic at the Public Market for Sam Buckley #1416. Then Harry landed a position flagging for City Light which he did for another 20 years. Harry quit flagging in 2007. 
Harry is survived by eight children, Debbie, Teresa, Susan, Dennis, Tina, Tonya, David and Jeff; 15 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.