Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

Jim Muir #3567, retired Seattle police diver, passed away Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at the age of 74.

He was born in Seattle at the old Madison Street Hospital that no longer exists. His father Harry was a City Transit Operator. Jim grew up in the Woodlawn North neighborhood not far from the Harbor station. He attended Lincoln High. After graduating in 1966, he joined the Air Force serving in Thailand and Vietnam as an aircraft mechanic. After his three-year enlistment he returned to Seattle and worked various jobs for the next two years. In 1971 he applied to the Seattle Police Department.

On April 21, 1971, Jim was hired as a Patrolman. His first posting was Georgetown working with Kerry Guynn #3019. Several months later he attended Academy Class 69.  After his year of probation was up, Jim married Colleen. Jim was assigned to Wallingford. He stayed in the North Precinct until 1990. While there he worked Boy sector for Jerry Taylor #2533. Jims squad mates were Jerry Beam #2542, Dan Beste #3295 and Mike Christ #3389. Golden Gardens had long been a gathering place for drag racing and several serious accidents and a fatality served to highlight the problem which just would not go away. Jim and his partner Roger Myers #2804 were assigned to stop the street racing at Golden Gardens. It took them five months to end the racing by checking each street rod’s equipment, i.e. mufflers, vehicle’s street clearance, windshield visibility, etc. If the equipment did not pass the car was impounded for safety reasons. Racing at Golden Gardens went away and did not come back.

Jim and Colleen bought a house on Magnolia where they lived for several years. Later theybought a lot on Magnolia and built new home. He could build or repair anything. In 1975 he joined the “Blue Knights” and over the next fifteen years he rode throughout the country coast to coast. In 1990, Jim transferred to the DWI squad to work for J.J. Hill #2143. Two years later Jerry Taylor recruited Jim to Harbor to back fill for the retiring boat maintenance officer – Nick Bulpin #2185. So Jim worked maintenance, drove boats and was a diver for the next fifteen years. He was a very calm and cool boat operator and he did not get excited in stormy conditions. During one windstorm on Lake Washington, he and his partner Phil Allen #3244 had to rescue a sailboarder who was trapped up against the I-90 bridge. He was hanging on for dear life. It was tricky maneuvering but Jim got the boat next to the sailboarder without crushing him and also avoided slamming the boat against the bridge supports so Phil could drag the victim onboard. As they began to leave, the sailboarder begged them to retrieve his sailboard which was 100 yards away bouncing in the chop. Without getting upset with this stupid windsurfer, Jim again fought the wind chop and the bridge to retrieve the board.

Jim finished building his home on Magnolia, rebuilt Beemer’s dad’s classic Ford Bronco and also restored his own 1968 Camaro. He was an avid saltwater fisherman always working on his fishing boats.

He retired in 2007 after thirty-six years of service. But he was not going into retirement. He now went to work as a civilian at Harbor maintaining the equipment for another eight years.

When he finally quit working, he and Colleen stayed home. Jim became the neighborhood handyman.