Retired Seattle Police Officers Association
Minutes of Monthly Meeting
JANUARY 11, 2017

Secretary Nick Bulpin called the meeting to order in the 2nd floor meeting room of the Nile Country Club at 1140 hours. John Nordlund led the Pledge of Allegiance and Bulpin asked all to remain standing for a moment of silence for Dale Schenck #2137 passing December 15th, Gordy Grosvernor #1138 passing December 31st and Tommy Knight #2821 passing January 2nd.

Roll call of officers showed John Sullivan, John Nordlund, Jeff Caldwell, Terri MacMillan, Joe Bouffiou, Dan Oliver, Dan Melton as present with President Taylor and Dick Rovig excused.

Bulpin directed attention to the minutes of the November 9th meeting that have been distributed. He asked for any corrections, addition or deletions. Cory Ness moved the minutes be accepted as written, second by Joe Bouffiou and passed following a rule of order enacted by John Nordlund.

Nick Bulpin gave the financial report and stated it would be submitted for audit.

Dan Oliver reported the final 2016 SCPP Merger Study has been submitted to the Legislature. No significant changes were noted from the original draft that was submitted to the SCPP December meeting. Contents of that study are available

Dan reported on the availability of an annuity to LEOFF Plan 1 members recently offered by DRS. He explained the benefits and pit-falls regarding long term commitments.

Dan Oliver introduced Stephanie and Jan from the pension office. They explained the changes in the processing of medical claims since the change from Premera to UMR. They stressed the use of re-imbursement forms for out-of-pocket expenses. They urged everyone to familiarize themselves with the current booklet provided. Refinements are being made to a new UMR guide that should be available soon. Stephanie stressed the importance of notifying the pension office of address changes.

They responded to many questions and were applauded for their efforts.

There being no further business John Guich conducted a door prize drawing for 2 lucky members.

The meeting adjourned at 1220 hours and 53 people enjoyed a nice lunch.

Nick Bulpin, Secretary/Treasurer