Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Minutes of Monthly Meeting
January 12, 2022

President Taylor called the meeting to order in the Red Room of the Nile Country club at 1145 hours January 12, 2022. President Taylor announced Riley Brice turned 90 years of age yesterday and asked him to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
Taylor then asked all to remain standing for last ring respect for Loren “LD” Grumbly #5140 passing December 23rd at 66 years, Michael Scott #2557 passing December 16th at 82 years and Robert “Bob” Caruth #2244 passing December 12th at 82 years.

Roll Call of Board members showed Taylor, John Nordlund, Nick Bulpin, Dan Melton, and Joe Bouffiou present with John Sullivan, Terri MacMillan, Jeff Caldwell, Rich O’Neill and Dan Oliver excused.

Taylor directed attention to the minutes of the December 8th meeting that have been distributed and asked for any additions, corrections or omissions. There being none, Joe Bouffiou moved the minutes be accepted as written. Second was made by Ed Turner and passed.  

Nick Bulpin gave the financial report and stated it would be submitted for audit.

President Taylor announced the legislative session was convened Monday January 10th for a scheduled 60-day session. Taylor listed several bills that have been drafted and gave a brief description of the contents proposed.  He urged everyone to familiarize themselves with proposals and contact their respective legislators and voice concerns/opinions.

President Taylor announced the February guest speaker will be Judge Val Bouffiou, Daughter-in-law of Joe Bouffiou. Taylor also asked for suggestions for future meeting guests.

With business being concluded, Taylor asked John Guich to conduct the door prize raffle resulting with two lucky winners.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 1240 hours and 33 folks enjoyed a very nice lunch.
Nick Bulpin, Secretary