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RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

JANUARY 6, 2022

After taking last week off because of the snow, today twenty-seven men and women returned to the Nile to enjoy the first R.A.P. meeting of the new year.  Right on schedule at 12:00 Noon, Joe Sanford rang the club’s bell, Rudy Sutlovich led the pledge of allegiance followed by President Nordlund calling for order.

Looking around the crowd, welcome to Jim Johnson’s daughter Cindy Stoval.  And welcome to everyone.
To kick things off with the Pepper Pramhus ten-dollar drawing, Rudy stirred up the chips and chose #17 belonging today to Jim Johnson.

News from the desk of Dan Oliver, sorry to report the deaths of Colleen Boyer, widow of Jerry Boyer #1422.  Colleen passed away on October 31st at the age of 86; Bob Caruth #2244 passed away on December 12th.  Bob was 82 years old; Loren “LD” Grumbly #5140 died on December 23rd.  LD was only 66 years old.
Now the treasurer’s report.  Two weeks ago, the club brought in $11.00.  Checking account now stands at $2324.39.  (Where is Jim Sharkey when we need him?)

Catching up on birthdays: Nick Bulpin celebrated in the snow his 80th birthday and Tom Caldwell is now 88.  Happy birthday men.

Time for the Cory & Kathy Ness ten-dollar giveaway.  Sandi Mount stirred up the chips and picked #11 belonging today to John Nordlund.

To start the laughter, Paul Barden had a good Wuhan virus joke about the victims who have received the fifth round of boosters blaming the people who have only had four booster shots for the continuing spread.

For the raffle, Paul collected $130 to hand-out.  Nick reached into the jug and pulled out ticket stub #6958668 handing the Dave DeMoss consortium the big bucks.  The left over cash money goes to Rita Guich holding ticket #6958632 only after the person holding ticket #6958614 failed to claim the money.  
Congratulations to all of today’s winners.

Don’t forget next Wednesday is the RSPOA meeting.