Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

John “Jack” Fox #2596, Retired Seattle Police Patrol Officer, passed away Tuesday, July 6, 2021 at 84 years of age.

Jack was born and raised in Seattle. He lived in the Central area at 21st and Columbia. He attended Immaculate Conception grade school. Then he went to Seattle Prep in his freshman and sophomore years. For his junior and senior years, he transferred to O’Dea. All during his high school years he worked after class in various grocery stores cleaning, stocking and delivering orders. He continued to work in the grocery store business after graduation. In 1957 Jack joined the Marines. When his hitch was up, he returned to Seattle in 1959.

Jack still had two years of reserve duty which fit in well with his new job as a custodial counselor at the Youth Center. After two years Jack grew tired of babysitting a bunch of young criminals and “troubled youth”, so he applied at Boeing. With his military security clearance, he landed a position in Boeing’s Defense Division. He stayed at Boeing from 1961 until mid-1964. The last project he worked on was Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s dreamer weapon the TFX - a multi-purpose fighter bomber for all branches of the Armed Forces. It was a failure. Boeing lost the contract and Jack was laid off. At this time, Jack married his wife Dorothy on September 8, 1964. They moved to sunny California where Jack got a job as a driving instructor. The newlyweds were doing fine financially until son John was born in 1965. In August the infamous Watt’s riot occurred causing Dorothy, Jack and baby John to reconsider sunny California and move back to Seattle. Jack went back to Boeing for a year then applied to the SPD.

He was hired on at the Department in 1966 and attended Class 51. After graduation he was assigned to the Central Precinct working relief both East and West, except for three months TDY to assist the new “Trainee” program the Department started. In late 1967 he got a permanent car in Charlie Sector working with Ray Roller #2690 who had just graduated from Academy #53. They worked together for three years. During these years Jack’s son Steve was born. Ray transferred to Traffic, so Jack and Larry Harvey #3189 teamed up working Charlie Sector on both 1st and 3rd watch for the next four years. Jack was the oldest and most senior officer in the squad. Working with all the youngsters turned his lite blonde hair silver white. So the squad nicknamed him the “Silver Fox”. Jack had a photographic memory, good street instincts and conscientious work ethic. But one night he failed to show up to roll call. Harvey answered up for Jack then drove out to his house in Edmonds. Jack could barely walk to the door because his foot was so injured. He explained the neighbor kids were always leaving their toys in his yard. So, as he walked out in the dark to go to 1st watch he saw that one of the kids had left their basketball in his yard again. Being irritated, he gave the ball a swift kick. The problem was that the basketball was actually a bowling ball - off to the hospital’s emergency room for x-rays and treatment. He was on sick leave for several shifts. While he was gone one of his young squad mates also with light blonde hair was using Jack’s name and serial number whenever a citizen was unhappy with the young officer’s manner. It was a win-win as the young officer was never IDed and Jack was always cleared being on disability leave. His daughter Jill was born about this time. In 1975 he transferred to Wallingford. His last partner was Ken Nicholas #2598. After Ken, Jack worked one officer cars in Nora Sector.

Jack worked every off-duty job, that fit in with his work and family schedule, such as sporting events, rock shows, and flat shows in the Kingdome and at the Seattle Center. His steady moonlighting job was the Coleman Ferry Terminal. He did this off duty work so he could send his three children to Catholic grade school in Edmonds and later Blanchet.

In 1992 after 26 years of service in Patrol, where he felt he could do the most good for the citizens of Seattle, Jack retired. This was the same year Jill graduated from high school. Now Jack and his wife Dorothy had more time for themselves traveling and working on their Edmonds home that they lived in for 50+ years.

Jack was preceded in death by his son Steve and survived by his wife of 57 years, Dorothy, son John, daughter Jill and five grandchildren. Grandchild Ryan, Steve’s son, is currently in the WSP Academy getting ready to graduate.