Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Minutes of Monthly Meeting
June 14, 2017

President Taylor called the meeting to order at 1145 hours in the Red Room of the Nile Country Club June 14th 2017. Nick Bulpin led the Pledge of Allegiance and Taylor asked all to remain standing for a moment of remembrance for:

Richard McLachlin #3398 passing June 7th,
Elmer Wittman #1145 passing June 5th two days following the passing of his wife June on the 3rd,
Doug Brown #4962 passing May 27th,
Larry Chittenden #3082 passing May 24th,
Richard (Rick) Craig #4558 passing May 23rd,
Larry Sutton #2586 passing May 19th,
Cecie Doucet #4273 passing May 17th,
Roger Lutz #3249 passing May 14th  

Roll call of officers showed Taylor, Dick Rovig, Nick Bulpin, John Nordlund, Jeff Caldwell. Terri MacMillan, Joe Bouffiou, Dan Oliver, Dan Melton present with John Sullivan excused.
Taylor directed attention the minutes of the May meeting that have been distributed and asked for any corrections, additions or deletions. Dick Sherwood moved the minutes be accepted as written, seconded by Ed Turner and passed. Nick Bulpin gave the financial report and will submit it for audit.

Taylor reported the second legislative session is about to end and a third session is expected shortly. There might be efforts to change the LEOFF 2 pension contributions and we continue to monitor any efforts affecting LEOFF pension plans.

Taylor reminded the SPD Foundation is hosting a Breakfast with Chief O’Toole June 29th at the Westin.

President Taylor introduced Retired Sgt. Duane Hendrix who is now the SPD Range Master. He resides at the range facility and controls the daily operation. Duane outlined the benefits of belonging to the SPAA and the use of the facility including use of shooting area and LEOSA qualifications. He explained the requirements for Concealed Carry permits outside of Washington state. His staff welcomes customers to frequent the store for purchases of guns and ammo, repairs, and information of available times of various operations. Duane also welcomes the return of the Annual RSPOA Banquet September 13th along with the annual SPAA dinner, RAP Picnic, GRAM Christmas party, etc. He reported there have been several improvements taking place. He answered several questions and provided handout material including SPAA lapel pins. He got a warm applause and thank you.

The door prize drawing was conducted and there being no further business the meeting adjourned at 1225 hours and 41 people enjoyed a great lunch.

Nick Bulpin, Secretary/Treasurer