Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Minutes of Monthly Meeting

March 11, 2020

President Taylor called the meeting to order at 1145 hours in the Red Room of the Nile Country Club March 11, 2020. John Nordlund led the Pledge of Allegiance. Taylor asked all to remain standing for a moment of silence for Allen R. Gustin #3055 passing February 24 and Jim Street #2353 passing February 12th

Roll call of board members showed Taylor, Dick Rovig, Nick Bulpin, John Sullivan, John Nordlund, and Joe Bouiffiou present with Jeff Caldwell, Terri MacMillan, Rich O’Neill, Dan Oliver, and Dan Melton excused.

President Taylor directed attention to the minutes of the February meetings that have been distributed and asked for corrections, additions or deletions. There being none Bulpin moved the minutes be accepted as written, second by Joe Bouffiou and passed.  Nick Bulpin gave the financial report and stated it will be submitted for audit.

Taylor gave legislative report. HB 2051 dealing with member representation on pension or disability boards has passed both house and senate and awaits the Governor’s signature.

President Taylor acknowledged the existence of the Corona Virus pandemic has significantly affected attendance at today’s meeting. He then announced due to the virus, the SPD Bagpipe Band has postponed the April 4th Emerald Evening fundraiser as well as the SPD Motorcycle Drill Team Talent Show has been rescheduled to May 8th.

President Taylor welcomed Stephanie Coleman from SPD Pension office. She refreshed the need of current Power of Attorney documents on file with her office. She outlined the various POA’s and the respective needs addressed by each: Financial, Medical, Durable, Fiduciary, etc. She went on to recommend finding an attorney that will bundle to handle specific needs. Also, living wills, documents, etc. include at least 2 persons to act in your behalf. Stephanie concluded by providing handout material and received thanks with a nice ovation.

President Taylor introduced Jordan Royer, son of former Mayor Charlie Royer, who apologized for his dad’s absence. He took the opportunity to explain his role representing the shipping industry and the handling of importing/exporting goods. Seattle/Tacoma needs transformation to compete with the other west coast ports as well has the impact Canada has on trade. Jordan responded to questions, was thanked then rewarded a RSPOA badge.

The Guich Door prize drawing was conducted, then with no further business  the meeting adjourned at 1230 hours and 25 people enjoyed lunch.

Nick Bulpin, Secretary/Treasurer