Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

RAP | Retired & Active Police

RAP meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at the Nile Country Club, 205th & Interstate 5.

APRIL 7, 2022

For today’s meeting a nice crowd of thirty-two men and women signed the official logbook. At 12:00 Noon, Dennis Hossfeld rang the bell, Mike Burke led the pledge of allegiance, followed by President Nordlund calling for order.

Welcome to Connor Pote, Greg’s son, also good to see Dan Oliver with us and Mike Burke who is braced up after his leg injury.

For our new vice president’s drawing, Joe asked Dan to stir up the chips. Out came #14 today belonging to Mark Mount who was handed the ten-dollar bill. Continuing with the Cory & Kathy Ness money draw, Dan once again mixed up the chips this time picking #19 belonging to Jim Johnson.

In news from the pension office, Dan announced the pension board election ballots will be mailed out soon. Joe Bouffiou is up for re-election. Dick Sherwood is recovering after heart surgery and might make next week’s meeting. Also, Ken Baggen sends his regards. Jerry Taylor reported that last Sunday, Dr. Gary Bell suffered a stroke.

Our treasurer reported last week the club brought in $37.00. Checking account now holds $2658.00

Celebrating his 78th birthday this week is Past President Dave Hortin. Happy birthday David.

Standing in for our Prince of Mirth, V.P. Prahmus had a cute story about an Italian doctor.
For the raffle, Paul collected $160.00 to give away. Dan Oliver reached into the plastic jug coming out with ticket stub #6386632 held by Jim Johnson. For the remaining cash, Cindy Stoval picked ticket #6386554 held by Rita Guich.

Do not forget next Wednesday is the monthly RSPOA meeting. Brandi Kruse will be the guest speaker. Should be well attended, arrive early.