Retired Seattle Police Officers Association
Minutes of Monthly Meeting
March 8, 2017

President Taylor called the meeting to order at 1145 hours in the Red Room of the Nile Country Club March 8, 2017. John Nordlund led the Pledge of Allegiance and Taylor asked all to remain standing for a moment of silence for Dick Herdeck #1494 passing March 2nd and Steve Rix #2645 passing February 19th.

Roll call of officers showed Taylor, Dick Rovig, Nick Bulpin, John Nordlund, John Sullivan and Dan Oliver present with Terri MacMillan, Jeff Caldwell, Joe Bouffiou and Dan Melton excused.

Taylor directed attention to the minutes of the February meeting and asked for corrections, additions or deletions. Dick Sherwood moved the minutes be accepted as written, second by Jerry Bickel and passed. Nick Bulpin gave the financial report and stated it would be submitted for audit.


President Taylor announced the Retired Officers Banquet will be returning to the SPAA pavilion September 13th this year.  He explained the banquet is hosted by the Relief Association and has been since 1947. It was a Relief Board decision to return to the SPAA for a hosted bar and buffet dinner.

The Ol’ Blue Clan reunion is scheduled for March 18th at the Club West Golf Course in Phoenix. Taylor noted the luncheon is a great event but lately has had declining attendance. If you plan on being in the Phoenix area contact Eddie Rivera 425 466 5372.

President Taylor reported the legislature is still in session and the TRS and LEOFF Merger is not a threat presently, unless it is put forward as a budget bill. Nothing is sacred when they are still in session.

President Taylor introduced Charlie Scoma, the SPD Chaplin. Charlie began by saying he has served part-time for the past 4 years and just recently was hired as full time Chaplin. Along with those duties, he will oversee currently twelve volunteers from all walks of faith that spend time at various locations within the department. The Chaplin Association is a non-profit organization funded in cooperation with the Guild. The association’s goal is to not only Chaplin duties but encourage active participation in community gatherings to promote positive interaction with the citizenry. Next week he will appear at a national meeting in Kansas City that will be dealing with PTSD that is affecting first responders.          

May 14-20 is National Police Week and there is a scheduled celebration on the 25th at Forest Lawn Cemetery to honor SPD officers killed in the line of duty. Charlie closed by being available for questions and was warmly applauded.

The Door prize drawing was held and there being no further business the meeting adjourned at 1240 hours. 50 people then enjoyed a great lunch lunch.

Nick Bulpin, Secretary/Treasurer