Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Minutes of Monthly Meeting
March 9th 2022

Vice-President John Nordlund called the meeting to order at 1145 hours in the Red Room of the Nile Country Club March 9th 2022. Joe Sanford led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a moment of remembrance for Bob Moffett #2098 passing February 19th at 88 years, Jerry Bickford #3693 passing February 21st at 74 years and Nat Crawford #1931 passing February 23rd at 87 years. A moment of silence was held.

Roll call of board members showed Jerry Taylor excused, John Nordlund, Nick Bulpin, Joe Bouffiou, Dan Oliver, and Dan Melton present with Rich O’Neill, Terri MacMillan, Jeff Caldwell excused.

John Nordlund directed attention to the minutes of the February meeting that have been distributed and asked for any additions, corrections or deletions. There being none, Merv Henderson moved the minutes bee accepted as written, second by Joe Bouffiou and passed. Nick Bulpin read the financial report and stated it will be submitted for audit.

John Nordlund expressed gratitude for the attendance of today’s meeting and acknowledged several folks not seen recently along with the family of Mike Germann. He then turned to Dan Oliver to say a few words about Mike. Dan recapped the distinguished career of Mike and his many achievements from his two tours of duty as a Marine in Viet Nam, returning to become a member of the Seattle Police Department where he rose through the ranks to Captain. Mike became a board member of the Pension office and eventually replaced Dave Grayson as Executive Secretary. A position he held for 18 years.

Dan invited Julie Fitzsimons to relate her relationship with her father, Mike Germann.  Julie gave a detailed tribute to her dad with much emotion, respect and adoration. This was received with a standing ovation by all.

Dan Oliver went back to business announcing the recent COLA increase was 4.75 percent and will be reflected in upcoming checks. Those receiving city checks will see the amount go down and the state amount go up.

John Nordlund, in keeping with business, asked guest speaker, Scott Bachler, president of the SPMA to update all on recent contract negotiations with the city. Scott was not at liberty to go into detail because the city has not ratified the contract. He did mention the priority was retirement medical along with disciplinary guidelines and felt some success in the process. He then answered questions regarding staffing levels of active officers on the street.

John Nordlund again acknowledged the family of Mike Germann who opened the bar for a tribute to Mike. He also thanked Eric Michl who was on hand to notarize required documents for the Pension office.

Joe Sanford conducted the door prize drawing before adjourning. There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 1245 hour and 65 folks enjoyed Saint Patrick’s day staple, corned beef/cabbage.

Nick Bulpin, Secretary