Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

Patrick “Pat” Murphy #1653, retired Seattle Police Lieutenant passed away on October 7, 2014, after a long struggle with deteriorating health. He was 82 years of age upon his passing. 

Pat was born on St. Patty’s Day. He attended O’Dea High School with his life long friends Charlie Lindblom #1890 and John Kinsella, who became a Seattle Fire Fighter Badge #797.  Upon graduation, Charlie went to Seattle University, John joined the US Marines and Pat joined the Army. When John bragged that Pat was not qualified to be a Marine, Pat retorted “Yeah…you are right, my parents were married.”
Pat served in the Korean Theater. When the war was over, he returned to Seattle and applied to the Department. Pat was hired in 1955. His first assignment was Patrol. After nine years in the prowl car, he transferred to three wheelers. About that time, he became involved with the Guild’s leadership under the mentorship of President Wayne Larkin #1352. They were assigned together as Juvenile Investigators on the night squad. They were joined by Pat’s old school mate, Charlie Lindblom. Yes, in those days the Juvenile Division had both a day and a night shift of about 14 investigators per shift.  Then in 1967, Pat was assigned to the Task Force investigating federal grand jury indictments. When Wayne ran successfully for City Council in 1968, Pat was elected Guild President to succeed Wayne. Pat was the third President of the SPOG. About this time he was promoted to Sergeant. Two years later he was promoted again to Lieutenant. He was assigned to Georgetown as a Watch Commander.  Off shift Pat coached Pee Wee Football with Bill Green #2236. Also, Pat and his wife started working with and taking in foster kids. Pat even became active in the MDA Telethon with Jerry Lewis through the Foot Printer Association.
When Chief George Tielsch returned to California, the city searched for a new Chief of Police. Pat finished number ten in the national search. Bob Hanson #899 got the job and Pat was appointed Bob’s aide. A short time later, Pat was assigned to Homicide for a couple of years. In 1975, he replaced Bob DeForeest #1483, at the Seattle Center Detail. During the next five years, Pat oversaw the security and crowd control at the Kingdome and Seattle Center. The events included Sonics basketball, rock shows, hockey, boxing, wrestling and trade shows. He was also in charge of protecting the King Tut exhibit at the Seattle Center from 1977 to 1978.  Pat retired on September 1, 1980 with 25 years of service to the Seattle citizens.
Pat was not finished working with the public. The Kingdome hired him to run its security 24/7. He did this for the next 17 years. Then he handed the position off to his good friend Gene Willard, of the Ship’s Restaurant, who was his subordinate at the Dome and a fellow Foot Printer.  In 1996, Pat was elected the National Grand President of the Foot Printer Association. During his installation ceremony, he proposed to his fiancée Linda.
In 2000, Pat and Linda moved to Palm Desert, CA. They were very involved with the retirement community. Pat knew many people and had lots of friends. Once you were friends, he was your friend for life no matter your social status.
Pat is survived by his wife Linda, his children Chris Petterson, Cheri Simmons, Erin Hoffman, Kelly Murphy, Mike Murphy, Darren Polsky and Dave Polsky; eight grandchildren, four great grandchildren and several foster children.