Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

Robert Groves #753, retired Seattle Police Patrolman passed away on February 11, 2014. He was 91 years of age upon passing. He was our last officer of the escalator-only pension. Bob grew up in the North Seattle area.
After graduating from Lincoln High School, he joined the Merchant Marine just before WWII started. During the war years he sailed in convoys in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. He left the Merchant Marine just as the reconstruction of Europe began because he grew weary of shipboard life.
He came on the Seattle Police Department at the end of 1946. He attended Academy Class 16. He worked Patrol for the next 19 years, then one year in TVB before he was forced to retire in 1966 due to a chronic illness. The doctor told him to move to a sunnier climate. So Bob moved to Southern California. He went back to school earning three different Masters Degrees. He was an honor student – a member of Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity. He opened his own therapy service – Agape Counseling in Hemet, California. During this time he met his wife Georgia in 1983. She helped him in the practice until 2003 when both of them retired. In retirement, they travelled all over the southern and western United States.
Bob is survived by his wife of 31 years, Georgia; son Bradley; daughter Sharon; and two grandchildren, Eric and Lisa.