Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

Ted Gormley #2100, Retired Seattle Police Patrol Officer, passed away on Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 83 years of age.

Theodore (Ted) John Gormley was born on November 15, 1937, in Medicine Lake, Montana. He was raised in Port Orchard Washington by Lucy (Tax) and Robert Gormley. Ted graduated from Bremerton High School.

Ted was a devout Catholic and believer his entire life. He rarely missed Sunday mass, and was often seen at daily mass, receiving the sacraments, and praying the rosary. He taught many CCD classes and volunteered on a regular basis. He gave generously to the Catholic Church and to many other Catholic charities especially the Maryknoll Sisters who serve the needs of the poor, hungry, ailing, and marginalized. As a pro-life advocate, you would often find Ted praying the rosary for our unborn children in public and attending pro-life events.

Ted enjoyed many activities with his family and friends, including camping, hunting, and sailing trips, 50-mile hikes with the Boy Scouts, coaching soccer, and spending time at the family home which he built himself on Lake Washington in the early 70s.

The “Lake House” was his happy place. He enjoyed having his family, friends, and their friends over for holidays, BBQs, and an annual 4th of July party. He was a terrific storyteller with a good sense of humor. No one ever left the family home or a phone call without him saying, “Love Ya, God Bless.”

Ted had many public service-focused jobs throughout his life. In 1952, when he was just 15 years old, he joined the Army National Guard. He was an Army reservist until 1955, then joined the Airforce in 1956. He was a part of the United States Air Force Pre-Flight Training School, Class of 1959, then he was in the Airforce Reserve where he was honorably discharged in 1964. Ted spent a couple years as a draftsman for Boeing before being appointed to the Seattle Police Department in December of 1960. Ted graduated from the Seattle Police Academy on December 15, 1961, Class No. 43 – Badge #303. He enjoyed serving the city of Seattle for over 28 years. Upon his retirement from the Seattle Police Association in April of 1990, Ted was presented with a plaque which read, “You have always been reliable and a source of wisdom for the younger officers. Your sense of humor and stories will be truly missed by your peers and supervisors.” Ted also served with the Seattle Harbor Patrol and “Dive Team” during his tenure as a police officer. In his spare time, he worked as a diver for Foss Tugs and as a security guard for banks and grocery stores. After his retirement from the Seattle Police Department, he served 19 years for the King County Corrections – Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention.

Ted was caring, big-hearted, and always ready for an adventure. He was a loving grandfather who loved to teach his grandkids how to sail, fish, and play Dominos.

Ted passed away on July 17, 2021, after a long battle with cancer. His family takes comfort in knowing he passed away peacefully. We are incredibly grateful for the caring Hospice staff who took incredible care of him all the way to his last days. We know his physical suffering had subsided and that he was at peace in the end when he finally went home to Jesus. We also want to share our gratitude for Jennifer and her staff at the Filbert Adult Family home who took great care of pops during his last month. He will be remembered by many, including his loving children: Stacy, Michele, Regina, Danny, Gary, Heather, Molly, G.I.B., Casey, Kieran, and grandchildren: Christina, Joshua, Derrick, Heidi, Fantasia, Ethan, Emily, Noah, Kimberly, Mason, as well as his best friend Bud and good friends Steve, Rodney, and Phil. Friends may join the family on Thursday, August 5, 2021, at 11:00 at St. Mark Catholic Church in Shoreline for his funeral mass. A rosary will precede the mass and will begin at 10:30am. Unfortunately, due to COVID protocols, there will be no gathering after the service. In lieu of flowers, family members request a donation be made to St. Mark Catholic Church, Shoreline in Ted’s name where he was a parishioner for more than 50 years.

Published Obit

Ted was born in Medicine Lake, Montana. He spent his early years there where he acculturated to the country boy ethic. Then his family moved to Port Orchard where he attended Bremerton High. While he was a sophomore, he joined the National Guard. Two years later upon graduation, he joined the Army Reserve. In 1956 he transferred to the Air Force and had three years of active duty followed by five years of reserve duty. As his active duty time winded down, he landed a job with Boeing as a draftsman for approximately 18 months. The job was too sedentary for Ted so he applied to the Seattle Police Department. He was hired on December 28, 1960.

Ted worked Patrol West Central relief for nine months before attending Academy class 43. His Academy training ended on December 15, 1961. Then he was assigned with John Boren #2235 (a lateral from New Mexico), to car 111 which today would be Southern George sector. They work together until Ted was assigned to the Tac Squad in late 1968. There he was partnered with John Erickson #2464 for the next five years.

While there Ted bought a 61-foot wide lakefront lot on Lake Washington just outside of the north city limit. He replaced the old shack on it with a beautiful house that he built. He not only did the rough work but also the finish work himself. The project went on for several years and many, many times caused Ted to be late for his 7pm roll call. He was late so often that he got the reputation of “running on Gormley time”. Soon, whenever any of his squad mates were late, they claimed being on “Gormley time”.

The Tac squad was the Department’s lead element during the years of civil unrest for riot control. In 1973, many of the squad members were rotated to other units for career enhancement after going into University of Washington property (without its blessing) chasing rioters. Consequently, Ted ended up in Harbor for the next ten years.

There he worked with Ed Fjerstad #3185 and Art Vanpuymbrouck #3357. He became a diver in addition to being a boat driver. On one occasion when a pleasure boat capsized and trapped its owner underwater, Ted immediately stripped off his clothes, dove into the cold and choppy Puget Sound water, swam under the overturned boat and freed the entangled boat owner. Then Ted guided the owner back to the surface saving his life.

In 1983, Ted transferred to the Seattle Center Detail to work for Mark Bailey #2184 on the night shift. He stayed at the Center until retirement on May 1, 1990, after twenty-eight years and four months of service.

He then went to work for King County Corrections - Department of Adult Detention for the next nineteen years. After retiring from King County, he mentored several ex-inmates that he helped turn around during work release. He was known for his compassionate big-hearted nature and was always available to help his neighbors or anyone down on their luck.

During his non-work years, he enjoyed his many hobbies: fishing, hunting, sailing his 40-foot ketch, camping, hiking and helping with the Boy Scout program.

Ted is survived by his ten children: Stacy, Michele, Regina, Danny, Gary, Heather, Molly, Gib, Casey, Kieran and ten grandchildren.